Definition of TRANSFERRED


Transferred is an adjective that describes something that has been moved, conveyed, or relocated from one place, person, or situation to another.

Instances of Transfer: Instances of transferred items or entities may include transferred funds, transferred goods, transferred responsibilities, or transferred ownership. Each instance signifies a change in location, possession, or control from one entity to another.

Financial Transfers: In finance, transferred funds refer to money that has been moved from one account, institution, or individual to another. This could involve electronic transfers, wire transfers, or other forms of financial transactions.

Goods and Inventory: Transferred goods indicate products or items that have been relocated or transported from one location to another. This could occur within a supply chain, distribution network, or during the process of moving goods between warehouses or retail outlets.

Ownership and Rights: Transferred ownership denotes assets, properties, or rights that have been conveyed or assigned from one party to another. This could include real estate transfers, intellectual property transfers, or the transfer of contractual rights.

Personnel and Responsibilities: Transferred responsibilities refer to tasks, duties, or roles that have been reassigned or delegated from one individual or department to another. This could occur within organizations during restructuring, job transfers, or promotions.

As an adjective, transferred characterizes items, funds, responsibilities, or rights that have undergone a process of relocation, conveyance, or reallocation from one entity to another. Understanding the implications of transferred entities is crucial in various domains, including finance, logistics, legal, and organizational management.

Examples of TRANSFERRED in a sentence

  • The employee was transferred to a different department to utilize their skills more effectively.
  • After the merger, several team members were transferred to the new regional office.
  • The student’s credits were successfully transferred to the new university, allowing for a seamless transition.
  • Due to the company’s restructuring, some staff members were transferred to different branches.
  • The soccer player’s contract specified that he could be transferred to another team during the transfer window.
  • In the military, personnel may be transferred to different units based on strategic needs.
  • The manager decided to transfer the project to a more experienced team to ensure its success.
  • The patient was transferred to a specialized hospital for further medical treatment.


The term transferred has its linguistic origins rooted in Latin and Old French, reflecting the historical evolution of movement, exchange, and relocation. Its etymology unveils the fundamental concept of shifting something from one place, person, or condition to another.

  • Etymology and Origins: The term transferred originates from the Latin word “transferre,” which combines “trans” meaning “across” and “ferre” meaning “to carry” or “to bear.” This Latin root conveys the idea of carrying or conveying something across a distance or boundary. In Old French, the term evolved into “transferer,” retaining its fundamental meaning of moving or shifting.
  • Historical Context: Throughout history, the act of transferring has been essential in various contexts, including trade, communication, migration, and cultural exchange. From ancient trade routes to modern transportation networks, transferring goods, information, and people has facilitated interaction and connectivity across regions and civilizations.
  • Contemporary Significance: In contemporary contexts, transferred refers to the action of moving or relocating something from one place, person, or entity to another. This can include physical objects, such as goods or assets, as well as abstract concepts, such as knowledge, rights, or responsibilities. Transferring is a common practice in various domains, including business, education, finance, and law, enabling the exchange of resources and the redistribution of wealth, power, and opportunities.

The term transferred symbolizes the dynamic nature of human interaction and exchange, tracing its etymological roots from Latin and Old French to its present-day significance as a fundamental concept in commerce, communication, and social organization.


  • Relocated
  • Moved
  • Transmitted
  • Shifted
  • Reassigned
  • Transported
  • Conveyed
  • Handed over


  • Retained
  • Kept
  • Stayed
  • Maintained
  • Held onto
  • Preserved
  • Fixed
  • Anchored


  • Transfer
  • Transportation
  • Relocation
  • Handover
  • Transmission
  • Conveyance
  • Movement
  • Exchange

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