Definition of MAXIMISE


Maximise is a verb that denotes the action of increasing or optimizing something to its fullest extent or capacity. Here are several key aspects of the concept of maximizing:

Optimization: Maximising involves optimizing or enhancing a particular aspect or resource to achieve the best possible outcome. This may include maximising efficiency, productivity, performance, profit, utility, or satisfaction.

Utilization of Resources: Maximising often involves the efficient utilization of available resources, such as time, money, energy, manpower, or materials. It aims to make the most effective use of these resources to achieve desired goals or outcomes.

Strategic Planning: Maximising requires strategic planning and decision-making to identify opportunities for improvement and implement actions that will lead to the desired outcome. It may involve analyzing data, assessing risks, setting priorities, and allocating resources effectively.

Continuous Improvement: Maximising is often associated with the concept of continuous improvement, whereby individuals or organizations strive to continually enhance their performance or results over time. This may involve setting ambitious goals, monitoring progress, and adjusting strategies as needed to maximise outcomes.


Both “maximise” and “maximize” are correct, but their usage depends on the variant of English you are following:

  • Maximise” is the preferred spelling in British English.
  • Maximize” is the preferred spelling in American English.

Choose the version that matches the variant of English you are using.

In summary, maximizing involves the action of optimizing resources and efforts to achieve the best possible outcome or result. It requires strategic planning, efficient resource utilization, and a commitment to continuous improvement in order to maximize performance, efficiency, or effectiveness.

Examples of MAXIMISE in a sentence

  • The goal of the company is to maximize profits while minimizing costs.
  • He implemented a new strategy to maximize efficiency in the production process.
  • She is always looking for ways to maximize her productivity and achieve her goals.
  • The coach’s job is to maximize the potential of each player on the team.
  • The software is designed to help businesses maximize their online presence.
  • They are trying to maximize the use of renewable energy sources in their operations.
  • Maximizing shareholder value is a primary objective for many corporations.
  • The goal of the diet plan is to maximize weight loss while maintaining health.

Etymology of MAXIMISE

The term maximise is derived from the Latin word “maximus,” meaning “greatest” or “largest,” and the suffix “-ize,” which is used to form verbs indicating the process or action of making something reach its maximum or highest level. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Maximus (Latin): Signifying “greatest” or “largest.”
  • -ize (Suffix): Denoting the process or action of making something reach its maximum or highest level.

Therefore, maximise refers to the action of making something as great or large as possible, optimizing its potential or capacity to the fullest extent. It emphasizes the pursuit of achieving the highest possible level of efficiency, effectiveness, or output in a given context. The term is often used in various fields, including business, economics, and personal development, to indicate efforts aimed at maximising resources, profits, productivity, or opportunities. Maximising underscores the importance of optimizing resources and opportunities to achieve optimal results or outcomes.


  • Optimize
  • Enhance
  • Utilize
  • Exploit
  • Amplify
  • Boost
  • Increase
  • Augment


  • Minimize
  • Reduce
  • Decrease
  • Diminish
  • Lower
  • Constrain
  • Limit
  • Restrain


  • Maximum
  • Maximization
  • Maximizing
  • Maximally
  • Maximization
  • Optimal
  • Optimization
  • Utilization

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