Kick the Bucket is an idiomatic expression that means to die or pass away.

Idiomatic Phrase:Kick the Bucket” is a figurative expression used to describe the act of dying or passing away.

Symbolic Action: The phrase employs the imagery of kicking over a bucket, suggesting the finality of death.

Informal Usage: This expression is commonly used in informal contexts to refer to someone’s death in a casual or humorous manner.

Metaphorical Meaning: While the origin of the idiom is uncertain, it likely comes from the idea of a person standing on a bucket to commit suicide by hanging. When they kick the bucket away, they would end their life.

Casual Terminology: Despite its morbid connotation, “kick the bucket” is often used light-heartedly or euphemistically to discuss death.

Kick the Bucket is an idiomatic expression used to refer to the act of dying or passing away. Its origins are uncertain, but it likely comes from the idea of someone standing on a bucket to commit suicide by hanging. Over time, the phrase has become a casual and informal way to discuss death, often used in a light-hearted or euphemistic manner.

KICK THE BUCKET in a sentence

  • He joked that he wanted to kick the bucket while skydiving.
  • The old car finally kicked the bucket after years of faithful service.
  • She laughed and said she hoped she’d kick the bucket before having to clean out the garage.
  • He promised to leave his fortune to charity when he kicked the bucket.
  • They laughed about the absurdity of the idea of kicking the bucket at a ripe old age.
  • The family gathered around his hospital bed, knowing he didn’t have much time left to kick the bucket.
  • She made a list of all the things she wanted to do before kicking the bucket.
  • He vowed to live life to the fullest and have no regrets when he eventually kicked the bucket.


The origin of the phrase “kick the bucket” is uncertain, and there are several theories about its origins. One theory suggests that it may have originated from the idea of a person standing on a bucket and then kicking it away as a method of committing suicide. Another theory proposes that it may have originated from a mistranslation of the French term “becquet,” which refers to a small cooking pot used for boiling liquids.

The exact origin remains unclear, and it’s important to note that the phrase has been in use for several centuries. It first appeared in written form in the English language in the 16th century. Over time, the expression “kick the bucket” evolved to become a common and colloquial way to refer to death.


  • Pass away
  • Bite the dust
  • Meet one’s end
  • Shuffle off this mortal coil
  • Give up the ghost
  • Croak
  • Cash in one’s chips
  • Pop one’s clogs


  • Enter the world
  • Be born
  • Commence existence
  • Start life
  • Begin one’s journey
  • Inception of life
  • Birth
  • Dawn of existence


  • Drop like flies
  • Take a dirt nap
  • Roll over and play dead
  • Lay one’s cards on the table
  • Hit the silk
  • Take the last train to glory
  • Cash in one’s check
  • Go belly up

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