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GO THROUGH Phrasal Verb

Go Through functions as a phrasal verb, conveying the action of experiencing or completing a process, journey, or series of actions. It implies movement from one state or location to another, often involving a thorough examination, traversal, or completion of a task or situation.

As a phrasal verb, go through describes the act of navigating through a particular situation, process, or set of circumstances. It can denote the experience of undergoing challenges, trials, or hardships, as well as the completion of tasks, procedures, or routines. The phrase implies progression, movement, or advancement towards a goal or outcome.

Experiencing Challenges: To go through something can refer to facing and overcoming obstacles, difficulties, or adversities. Individuals may go through tough times, struggles, or crises in their personal or professional lives, requiring resilience, perseverance, and determination to emerge stronger on the other side. Going through challenges can be a transformative experience, shaping one’s character, values, and outlook on life.

Completing Tasks or Processes: The phrase go through also encompasses the completion of tasks, procedures, or activities. This may involve following a sequence of steps, stages, or actions to achieve a desired outcome. Whether going through a checklist, a set of instructions, or a project plan, individuals undertake a systematic process to accomplish their objectives, often encountering obstacles or revisions along the way.

Navigating Emotions: Going through can also relate to the experience of processing or managing emotions, thoughts, or feelings. Individuals may go through periods of joy, sorrow, excitement, or uncertainty, each presenting its unique challenges and opportunities for growth. The phrase acknowledges the dynamic nature of human emotions and the importance of navigating them with mindfulness and self-awareness.

Legal and Administrative Processes: In legal or administrative contexts, going through refers to the completion of formal procedures, paperwork, or bureaucratic requirements. This could involve going through a contract, a legal document, or an application process, ensuring compliance with regulations and protocols. Going through such processes may be time-consuming or complex but is necessary for achieving legal or administrative objectives.

In conclusion, go through as a phrasal verb encapsulates the experiences of facing challenges, completing tasks, navigating emotions, and fulfilling obligations. Whether encountering hardships, accomplishing goals, or processing feelings, going through signifies movement, progression, and growth. Embracing the journey and learning from the experiences encountered along the way are integral aspects of going through life’s myriad adventures and challenges.

Examples of GO THROUGH in a sentence

  • Before making a decision, it’s essential to go through all the available options carefully.
  • She had to go through a rigorous selection process before landing her dream job.
  • We need to go through the documents one by one to find the information we need.
  • The detective had to go through countless files to solve the complex case.
  • It’s normal to go through ups and downs in a relationship; what matters is how you handle them.
  • He had to go through extensive training before he was ready to compete in the marathon.
  • To understand the concept fully, you’ll have to go through the material several times.
  • She had to go through a series of medical tests before receiving clearance to play in the championship.

Etymology of GO THROUGH

The phrase go through is a verb phrase formed by combining the verb “go” with the preposition “through.” Here’s the breakdown:

  • Go: Denoting movement from one place to another or the act of proceeding.
  • Through: Referring to movement from one side or point to another, often indicating completion or passage.

Therefore, go through describes the action of progressing or moving from one point to another, often involving a thorough examination, exploration, or completion of a task, process, or experience. It emphasizes the act of traversing or completing a journey or activity from beginning to end. The phrase is commonly used in various contexts, such as going through a document, going through a difficult experience, or going through a checklist, indicating the process of thorough review, completion, or accomplishment. Go through underscores the idea of navigating through something, whether it’s physical, mental, or procedural, to reach a desired outcome or understanding.


  • Undergo
  • Experience
  • Endure
  • Encounter
  • Navigate
  • Pass through
  • Suffer
  • Face


  • Avoid
  • Skip
  • Bypass
  • Evade
  • Dodge
  • Ignore
  • Circumvent
  • Sidestep


  • Passage
  • Process
  • Journey
  • Trial
  • Examination
  • Review
  • Transition
  • Perusal

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