Definition of APPRECIATIVE


Appreciative primarily functions as an adjective, describing a feeling or expression of gratitude, pleasure, or admiration towards someone or something. It refers to individuals who recognize and value the qualities, efforts, or contributions of others, often expressing appreciation through words or actions.

Adjective – Gratitude and Pleasure: As an adjective, appreciative denotes a positive and thankful attitude towards someone or something, indicating genuine enjoyment, gratitude, or satisfaction. It reflects an acknowledgment of value or worth, whether towards a person’s actions, qualities, or a particular experience.

Adjective – Admiring and Valuing: Appreciative individuals demonstrate admiration or esteem towards others, recognizing their strengths, achievements, or contributions. They express appreciation for the efforts, talents, or qualities that enrich their lives or enhance their experiences.

Adjective – Recognition and Acknowledgment: In social or interpersonal contexts, appreciative behavior involves recognizing and acknowledging the efforts, kindness, or support extended by others. It fosters positive relationships, mutual respect, and a sense of belonging by affirming the value and significance of individuals’ contributions.

Adjective – Responsive and Supportive: Appreciative individuals are responsive and supportive towards others’ endeavors, offering encouragement, praise, or assistance when warranted. They contribute to a supportive and uplifting environment by celebrating achievements, offering constructive feedback, and fostering a culture of appreciation.

In conclusion, appreciative is an adjective that describes a feeling or expression of gratitude, pleasure, or admiration towards someone or something. Whether demonstrating gratitude for acts of kindness, admiring others’ achievements, or recognizing individuals’ contributions, appreciative behavior enhances relationships, fosters positive interactions, and cultivates a culture of appreciation and support in personal, professional, and social settings.

Examples of APPRECIATIVE in a sentence

  • The audience’s appreciative applause filled the concert hall after the pianist’s breathtaking performance.
  • Sarah’s appreciative smile showed her gratitude for the thoughtful birthday gift.
  • The teacher was touched by the appreciative notes from her students expressing their gratitude for her guidance.
  • His appreciative comments about the artwork showcased his deep understanding and admiration for the artist’s talent.
  • The chef was pleased to receive an appreciative nod from the food critic after presenting his signature dish.
  • The community was appreciative of the volunteers’ efforts in organizing the charity event.
  • The author felt appreciative of the readers’ positive reviews of her latest novel.
  • The host’s appreciative words acknowledged the hard work and dedication of the employees, boosting morale within the company.


The term appreciative finds its linguistic origins in Latin and English, offering insights into its etymological roots.

  • Latin Influence: “Appreciative” originates from the Latin word “appretiatus,” which is the past participle of “appretiare,” meaning “to set a price on” or “to value.” In Latin, it denoted the act of assigning or recognizing value or worth to something.
  • Development in English: The term “appreciative” entered English from Old French as “appreciatif,” retaining its Latin-derived meaning of valuing or recognizing worth. In English, it evolved to encompass the broader concept of expressing gratitude, admiration, or enjoyment towards someone or something.
  • Semantic Evolution: Over time, “appreciative” has expanded to denote a positive and favorable attitude or disposition towards something. It signifies the ability to recognize and acknowledge the value, qualities, or merits of someone or something, often accompanied by gratitude or enjoyment.

The term appreciative thus reflects its etymological lineage from Latin and Old French, emphasizing the act of valuing, recognizing worth, and expressing gratitude or admiration towards someone or something.


  • Grateful
  • Thankful
  • Acknowledging
  • Gratifying
  • Responsive
  • Admiring
  • Respectful
  • Esteemful


  • Ungrateful
  • Indifferent
  • Unappreciating
  • Disregardful
  • Insensitive
  • Unresponsive
  • Critical
  • Unthankful


  • Recognizing
  • Valuing
  • Sensible
  • Approbative
  • Attentive
  • Considerate
  • Obliging
  • Satisfied

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