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Magnetic Field is a noun phrase that primarily refers to a physical field surrounding a magnet or a moving electric charge that exerts a magnetic force on other magnets or moving charges. It can be understood in various contexts:

Physics: In physics, a magnetic field is described as a region where magnetic forces are experienced. It is represented by magnetic field lines that indicate the direction of the force.

Electromagnetism: In electromagnetism, magnetic fields are produced by the movement of electric charges. They play a crucial role in the generation of electric power, as well as in electrical devices such as motors and generators.

Earth’s Magnetic Field: The Earth itself has a magnetic field generated by the movement of molten iron in its outer core. This geomagnetic field plays a vital role in navigation and protects the Earth’s atmosphere from solar wind.

Medicine: In medicine, magnetic fields are used in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines to produce detailed images of the body’s internal structures. This application relies on the interaction between magnetic fields and hydrogen atoms in the body.

In summary, magnetic field is a noun phrase that denotes the physical region surrounding a magnet or moving electric charge where magnetic forces are experienced. It has applications in physics, electromagnetism, Earth science, and medicine, among other fields.

MAGNETIC FIELD in a sentence

  • The scientist conducted experiments to map the strength and direction of the magnetic field around the permanent magnet.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) relies on the manipulation of the magnetic field to generate detailed images of internal body structures.
  • Engineers designed a device to detect subtle changes in the Earth’s magnetic field for navigation purposes.
  • The compass needle aligned itself with the Earth’s magnetic field, indicating the direction of the magnetic north.
  • Solar storms can disrupt the Earth’s magnetic field, leading to phenomena like the auroras.
  • The spacecraft’s instruments measured the intensity of the magnetic field as it approached the outer layers of the planet.
  • The magnetic strip on credit cards contains information encoded using changes in the magnetic field.
  • Understanding the Earth’s magnetic field fluctuations is essential for accurately interpreting paleomagnetic data.


The term magnetic field originates from the combination of “magnetic” and “field,” with “magnetic” stemming from the Greek word “magnētikos” and “field” having roots in Old English and Proto-Germanic. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Greek (magnētikos): The term “magnetic” comes from the Greek word “magnētikos,” which relates to the ancient city of Magnesia, known for its magnetic properties.
  • Old English (feld): The term “field” comes from Old English, denoting an open area of land, and has roots in Proto-Germanic “*felđą,” meaning “plain” or “open land.”

Therefore, magnetic field originally referred to the region around a magnet or a moving electric charge, where magnetic forces are exerted on other objects.

In modern usage, magnetic field refers to the area of influence around a magnet, where magnetic forces are detected. It’s a fundamental concept in physics and plays a crucial role in various technologies, including electromagnets, MRI machines, and magnetic compasses. Additionally, magnetic field can also be used metaphorically to describe an area or domain of influence or attraction.


  • Magnetism
  • Magnetic flux
  • Magnetic influence
  • Magnetosphere
  • Magnetic environment
  • Magnetic force
  • Magnetization
  • Magnetic induction


  • Nonmagnetic field
  • Nonmagnetism
  • Magnet-free zone
  • Demagnetized space
  • Nonmagnetic sector
  • Nonattractive area
  • Antimagnetism
  • Nonmagnetic environment


  • Gauss
  • Magnet
  • Electromagnetism
  • Magnetization
  • Magnetic pole
  • Magnetic material
  • Magnetic resonance
  • Magnetic domain

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