Definition of GROWN-UP

GROWN-UP Noun and Adjective

Grown-up serves as both a noun and an adjective, representing an individual who has reached adulthood or the state of being fully matured. As a noun, it refers to an adult person, while as an adjective, it describes characteristics or behaviors associated with adulthood or maturity. This term encapsulates the transition from childhood to adulthood and the responsibilities, experiences, and attributes that accompany it.

GROWN-UP as a noun

As a noun, a grown-up refers to an adult person who has reached the age of maturity, typically characterized by physical, emotional, and psychological development beyond adolescence. Grown-ups are individuals who have assumed adult roles and responsibilities in society, such as work, family, and community involvement. They possess autonomy, independence, and the ability to make informed decisions based on their life experiences and values.

GROWN-UP as an adjective

As an adjective, grown-up describes characteristics, behaviors, or attributes associated with adulthood or maturity. It conveys a sense of responsibility, sophistication, or seriousness in demeanor, contrasting with the carefree or youthful attitudes often associated with childhood. Grown-up behaviors may include professionalism, accountability, and the ability to handle complex situations with maturity and composure.

Transition to Adulthood: The concept of grown-up reflects the transition from childhood to adulthood, encompassing physical, emotional, and social changes that occur as individuals mature. This transition involves gaining independence, establishing personal identity, and assuming adult roles and responsibilities in society. Grown-ups navigate life’s challenges, make significant life decisions, and contribute to their communities as active members of society.

Roles and Responsibilities: Grown-ups assume various roles and responsibilities in their personal and professional lives, such as career advancement, financial management, household maintenance, and caregiving. They prioritize long-term goals and commitments, balancing their personal aspirations with their obligations to others. Grown-ups also serve as mentors, role models, and leaders within their communities, providing guidance and support to younger generations.

Maturity and Self-Awareness: Maturity is a hallmark of being a grown-up, encompassing qualities such as self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and resilience in the face of adversity. Grown-ups demonstrate the ability to regulate their emotions, communicate effectively, and navigate complex interpersonal dynamics with empathy and understanding. They approach life’s challenges with wisdom, perspective, and a sense of purpose grounded in their values and principles.

Cultural and Societal Perspectives: The concept of being a grown-up is influenced by cultural norms, societal expectations, and individual experiences, shaping perceptions of adulthood and maturity. Cultural factors such as family values, educational systems, and societal norms contribute to the understanding of what it means to be a grown-up in different contexts. Additionally, societal transitions, such as economic changes and technological advancements, can impact the experiences and challenges faced by grown-ups in contemporary society.

In conclusion, grown-up represents the transition from childhood to adulthood and the characteristics, roles, and responsibilities associated with being fully matured. Whether as a noun describing an adult person or an adjective conveying attributes of maturity and responsibility, the term reflects the journey of personal growth and development individuals undergo as they navigate the complexities of adulthood. Grown-ups contribute to society, lead fulfilling lives, and serve as pillars of strength, wisdom, and guidance for future generations. Through self-awareness, resilience, and a commitment to lifelong learning, grown-ups continue to evolve and thrive in their personal and professional endeavors.

Examples of GROWN-UP in a sentence

GROWN-UP as a noun in a sentence

  • She felt like a true grown-up when she got her first job.
  • As a grown-up, he realized the importance of saving money for the future.
  • The party was for kids, so there weren’t many grown-ups in attendance.
  • She struggled with the transition from child to grown-up.
  • The grown-ups gathered around the table to discuss important matters.
  • Even as a grown-up, she still enjoyed the simple pleasures of childhood.
  • The children looked up to the grown-ups as role models.
  • As a grown-up, he understood the sacrifices his parents had made for him.

GROWN-UP as an adjective in a sentence

  • The children wanted to have a grown-up tea party with real cups and saucers.
  • She wore a grown-up dress to the formal event, feeling sophisticated and elegant.
  • He displayed a grown-up attitude when faced with difficult decisions.
  • The movie had themes that appealed to both children and grown-up audiences.
  • She felt a sense of grown-up responsibility when she became a parent.
  • The job required a grown-up approach to handling challenges and conflicts.
  • Their conversation was surprisingly grown-up, discussing politics and world events.
  • It’s time for her to make some grown-up decisions about her future.

Etymology of GROWN-UP

The term grown-up is an informal and commonly used expression in English to refer to an adult, someone who has reached maturity or full adulthood. It is often used to distinguish adults from children or to emphasize the state of being fully developed.

  • Grown: Derived from the Old English “growan,” meaning “to grow” or “to become larger,” the term emphasizes the process of maturation and development.
  • Up: In this context, “up” conveys the idea of reaching a higher or more advanced stage, particularly in terms of age and maturity.

The phrase grown-up is a straightforward way to describe someone who has completed the process of growing and has attained full adulthood. It is used in everyday language to distinguish between individuals in various stages of life, highlighting the maturity and responsibilities associated with being an adult.


  • Adult
  • Mature person
  • Grown person
  • Full-grown individual
  • Matured individual
  • Elder
  • Senior
  • Grown man/woman


  • Child
  • Minor
  • Youth
  • Adolescent
  • Youngster
  • Teenager
  • Infant
  • Young one


  • Adulthood
  • Maturity
  • Independence
  • Responsibility
  • Full-grown
  • Aging
  • Life stages
  • Decision-making

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