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BUNDLE Noun and Verb

Bundle functions as a versatile word, serving as both a noun and a verb. Primarily, it refers to a collection or group of items that are bound or tied together for convenience or transport. Additionally, it represents the action of gathering or tying items into a compact and manageable form.

BUNDLE as a noun

Noun – Collection of Items: As a noun, bundle denotes a collection or group of items that are bound, wrapped, or tied together. It can refer to a package, parcel, or bunch of objects, typically arranged for storage, transport, or sale. Examples include a bundle of sticks, a bundle of newspapers, or a bundle of clothes.

Noun – Software Package: In computing, bundle can also refer to a collection of software components or resources packaged together for distribution or installation. It may include applications, libraries, configuration files, and other assets bundled into a single package for convenience and ease of deployment.

BUNDLE as a verb

Verb – Gathering Items: As a verb, bundle describes the action of gathering or tying items together into a compact and manageable form. It involves arranging objects into a bundle or package, often for storage, transport, or organization purposes. For example, one might bundle firewood for storage or bundle up clothes for a trip.

Verb – Offering as a Package: In some contexts, bundle can also describe the action of offering or selling items together as a package or deal. It may involve combining multiple products or services into a single offering to provide added value or convenience to customers.

In conclusion, bundle encompasses both noun and verb forms, representing a collection of items bound or tied together, as well as the action of gathering or offering items in a compact and manageable form. Whether referring to physical objects, software packages, or bundled offerings, bundle serves as a versatile term used in various contexts related to storage, transport, distribution, and commerce. Its flexibility and utility make it a valuable concept in everyday life and in specialized fields such as computing and business.

Examples of BUNDLE in a sentence

BUNDLE as a noun in a sentence

  • She carried a bundle of blankets to keep warm during the camping trip.
  • The baby slept soundly in the cozy bundle of blankets.
  • He tied the bundle of papers with a sturdy string to keep them secure.
  • The merchant offered a bundle of firewood for sale at the market.
  • The hiker strapped a bundle of supplies to his backpack for the long trek ahead.
  • The package arrived wrapped in a neat bundle of bubble wrap.
  • She received a generous bundle of flowers as a birthday surprise.
  • The old man leaned on his walking stick, a bundle of newspapers tucked under his arm.

BUNDLE as a verb in a sentence

  • She quickly bundled up her belongings and rushed out the door.
  • The farmer bundled the hay into tight stacks for storage in the barn.
  • He carefully bundled the wires together to prevent tangling.
  • The children eagerly bundled the fallen leaves into piles for jumping.
  • She bundled the baby in layers of warm clothing before venturing outside.
  • The courier bundled the packages into the delivery van for transport.
  • They bundled the tools into a toolbox for easy carrying to the worksite.
  • He bundled the paperwork into folders and filed them away neatly.

Origin of BUNDLE

The term “bundle” originates from the Middle Dutch word “bundel” and the Old English word “byndelle,” both of which are related to the verb “bindan,” meaning “to bind” or “to tie.” Here’s the breakdown:

  • Bundel (Middle Dutch): Referring to a collection of items bound or tied together.
  • Byndelle (Old English): Also related to a group of items bound together.
  • Bindan (Old English): The verb meaning “to bind” or “to tie.”

Therefore, “bundle” originally described a group of items bound or tied together for convenience in carrying or storage. In modern usage, “bundle” refers to a collection of objects, materials, or items gathered and secured together for ease of handling, transport, or organization. It can also denote a package or grouping of related products or services sold together as a unit.

Additionally, “bundle” has extended meanings in various contexts, such as computing, where it refers to a group of software or hardware components packaged together for distribution or installation.


  • Package
  • Parcel
  • Batch
  • Group
  • Collection
  • Set
  • Lot
  • Consignment


  • Individual
  • Separate
  • Unbundle
  • Disperse
  • Scatter
  • Divide
  • Singular
  • Unpack


  • Bundle up
  • Wrap
  • Tie
  • Package deal
  • Bundle of joy
  • Bundle of nerves
  • Bundle off
  • Bundle together

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