Definition of INDEFINITE


Indefinite is an adjective that denotes something lacking precise limits, boundaries, or specific characteristics, often suggesting an unspecified or uncertain nature. Here are several key aspects associated with the term indefinite:

Lack of Specificity: Indefinite describes something that is not clearly defined, determined, or specified, leaving room for ambiguity, variability, or open interpretation. It may refer to a vague or imprecise concept, quantity, time frame, or outcome.

Uncertainty and Ambiguity: Indefinite conveys a sense of uncertainty, ambiguity, or unpredictability, indicating a lack of clarity or precision in understanding or describing something. It may involve a range of possibilities, alternatives, or potential outcomes without a definite conclusion or resolution.

Duration or Persistence: Indefinite may refer to something lasting for an unspecified or undetermined period, without a fixed duration or end point. It can also describe a continuous or ongoing state, condition, or process that lacks a clear beginning or end.

Indeterminate Quantity: Indefinite can also pertain to an unspecified or undetermined quantity, amount, or extent, suggesting an immeasurable or variable quantity without precise numerical value or measurement.

Indefinite encompasses the idea of lacking precise definition, boundaries, or characteristics, often implying uncertainty, ambiguity, or variability. Embracing the concept of indefinite can encourage flexibility, adaptability, and openness to diverse possibilities and perspectives in various aspects of life and understanding.

INDEFINITE in a sentence

  • The duration of his stay was indefinite, as he had not yet made concrete plans.
  • She felt a sense of indefinite unease, unable to pinpoint the source of her anxiety.
  • The company offered him an indefinite contract, providing job security.
  • He left an indefinite mark on the community through his acts of kindness.
  • The deadline for the project was indefinite, causing uncertainty among the team members.
  • She gazed into the indefinite expanse of the night sky, pondering the mysteries of the universe.
  • The defendant’s alibi was indefinite, lacking specific details or corroborating evidence.
  • The road ahead was shrouded in indefinite mist, making it difficult to see beyond a few meters.


The term indefinite finds its roots in the Latin word “indefinitus,” derived from “in” meaning “not” and “definitus” meaning “defined” or “limited.” Here’s the breakdown:

  • In (Latin): Signifying “not” or “without.”
  • Definitus (Latin): Meaning “defined” or “limited.”

Therefore, indefinite originally conveyed the absence of clear boundaries or limitations. In modern usage, indefinite typically describes something that lacks precise definition, duration, or extent.

It suggests vagueness or uncertainty, often implying an absence of specific details or a lack of clarity about the exact nature or scope of something. The term indefinite can apply to various contexts, including time, quantity, or description, where a lack of specificity or precision is emphasized.


  • Vague
  • Ambiguous
  • Uncertain
  • Unspecified
  • Hazy
  • Nebulous
  • Undefined
  • Imprecise


  • Clear
  • Precise
  • Explicit
  • Definite
  • Distinct
  • Determinate
  • Explicit
  • Exact


  • Ambivalence
  • Unresolved
  • Undetermined
  • Ambiguity
  • Murky
  • Open-ended
  • Loose
  • Variable

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