Definition of INTERACTION


Interaction is a noun that refers to the reciprocal action, influence, or communication between two or more entities, resulting in mutual effects or changes. It encompasses various forms of engagement, exchange, or collaboration between individuals, groups, systems, or objects. Here are several key aspects associated with the concept of interaction:

Reciprocal Action: Interaction involves a two-way or multi-directional exchange of actions, behaviors, or stimuli between entities. It implies a dynamic process where each participant responds to and influences the behavior or state of the other, leading to mutual effects or outcomes.

Communication and Influence: At its core, interaction involves communication and influence, where information, signals, or stimuli are transmitted between participants, leading to a shared understanding or impact. It encompasses verbal and non-verbal communication, gestures, expressions, and other forms of signaling.

Engagement and Collaboration: Interaction often entails engagement and collaboration between individuals, groups, or entities towards common goals, tasks, or outcomes. It may involve cooperative efforts, coordination, negotiation, or conflict resolution, depending on the nature of the interaction and the objectives involved.

Contextual Dynamics: The nature and dynamics of interaction can vary depending on the context, environment, and participants involved. Factors such as culture, social norms, power dynamics, and situational factors can influence how interactions unfold and the outcomes they produce.

Digital and Physical Interactions: In the digital age, interaction extends beyond face-to-face encounters to include virtual interactions mediated by technology. Digital platforms, social media, online communities, and virtual environments provide new avenues for interaction, communication, and collaboration across distances.

Interaction plays a fundamental role in human experience, shaping relationships, communication, and the exchange of ideas and information in various contexts. Whether in personal relationships, social settings, professional environments, or digital spaces, interaction fosters engagement, collaboration, and mutual understanding among individuals and groups, driving social dynamics, innovation, and collective action.

INTERACTION in a sentence

  • The teacher encourages interaction among students to foster a collaborative learning environment.
  • Positive interaction with peers is essential for a child’s social development.
  • The online forum allows for interaction between users from different parts of the world.
  • Effective communication skills are crucial for successful interaction in the workplace.
  • The therapist observed the interaction between the siblings to better understand their relationship dynamics.
  • The video game promotes social interaction through multiplayer features.
  • The company values customer interaction and strives to provide excellent service.
  • The study examines the interaction between genetics and environmental factors in determining health outcomes.


The term interaction stems from the Latin word “interactio,” comprising “inter,” meaning “between” or “among,” and “actio,” meaning “action” or “activity.” Here’s the breakdown:

  • Inter (Latin): Denoting “between” or “among.”
  • Actio (Latin): Referring to “action” or “activity.”

Therefore, interaction originally denoted the reciprocal action or activity occurring between or among different entities.

In modern usage, interaction refers to the process of mutual communication, engagement, or influence between individuals, groups, systems, or elements.


  • Reciprocity
  • Mutual influence
  • Interconnection
  • Reciprocal action
  • Interface
  • Interrelation
  • Intercommunication
  • Collaboration


  • Isolation
  • Detachment
  • Independence
  • Separation
  • Disconnection
  • Solitude
  • Withdrawal
  • Noninterference


  • Engagement
  • Interplay
  • Transaction
  • Interchange
  • Cooperation
  • Association
  • Involvement
  • Connection

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