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Ostentatious is an adjective used to describe something that is characterized by a vulgar or excessive display, often intended to attract attention, impress others, or demonstrate wealth or status. Here are its key aspects:

Excessive Display: Ostentatious behavior involves an extravagant or flamboyant display of wealth, luxury, or extravagance, often exceeding what is considered tasteful or appropriate.

Attention-Seeking: It is marked by a desire to attract attention or admiration through conspicuous consumption, flashy attire, or grand gestures.

Showy and Flashy: Ostentatious objects or displays are often characterized by their showiness, flashiness, or gaudiness, drawing attention to themselves through their bold or extravagant design.

Status Symbol: Ostentatious displays of wealth or extravagance may serve as status symbols, signaling one’s social standing, success, or affluence within a community or society.

In summary, ostentatious describes something that is characterized by a vulgar or excessive display, often intended to attract attention, impress others, or demonstrate wealth or status. It conveys a sense of flamboyance, showiness, and conspicuous consumption, sometimes bordering on extravagance or pretentiousness.

Examples of OSTENTATIOUS in a sentence

  • The millionaire’s ostentatious display of wealth included a gold-plated car and a mansion with twenty bedrooms.
  • Her ostentatious outfit, adorned with sequins and feathers, drew everyone’s attention at the gala.
  • He made an ostentatious gesture of donating a large sum of money to the charity, ensuring that the media was there to cover it.
  • The ostentatious decorations at the wedding, featuring giant ice sculptures and crystal chandeliers, were the talk of the town.
  • Despite his ostentatious lifestyle, he was deeply in debt and struggling to maintain appearances.
  • The ostentatious behavior of the celebrity, with constant flaunting of designer clothes and luxury vacations, often attracted criticism.
  • The new restaurant’s ostentatious interior, with its lavish gold accents and velvet furnishings, aimed to attract high-end clientele.
  • His ostentatious collection of rare and expensive cars filled an entire showroom, impressing visitors with its extravagance.


The term ostentatious describes a display or behavior intended to attract attention, admiration, or envy, often characterized by extravagance, flamboyance, or conspicuousness. Delving into its etymology and usage unveils its significance in discussions surrounding social behavior, cultural norms, and personal expression.

  • Roots in Latin: Ostentatious originates from the Latin word “ostentare,” which means “to display” or “to show off.”
  • Evolution of Meaning: Initially used to describe actions or displays meant to showcase wealth, status, or superiority, ostentatious has evolved to encompass broader notions of showiness, pretentiousness, or conspicuous consumption.

In conclusion, ostentatious serves as a descriptor for behavior, displays, or gestures intended to impress or gain attention, often through conspicuous or extravagant means. Its etymology underscores its association with the act of displaying or showing off, while its usage highlights its role in social dynamics, cultural norms, and individual expression. Understanding the concept of ostentatiousness prompts reflection on values, priorities, and the motivations behind conspicuous displays of wealth or status in society.


  • Showy
  • Flamboyant
  • Flashy
  • Extravagant
  • Pretentious
  • Grandiose
  • Over-the-top
  • Brash


  • Modest
  • Unassuming
  • Simple
  • Understated
  • Subtle
  • Reserved
  • Humble
  • Plain


  • Ostentation
  • Flamboyance
  • Extravagance
  • Pretentiousness
  • Grandiosity
  • Showiness
  • Flashiness
  • Excessiveness

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