Confidentiality is a noun that refers to the practice of keeping information, data, or communications private and restricted to a specified group or individuals. It involves maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive, proprietary, or private information to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, or use.

Privacy and Restricted Access (Noun): Confidentiality as a noun emphasizes the importance of privacy and restricted access to certain information, ensuring that it is only shared with authorized individuals or entities.

Sensitive Information Protection: The term is often associated with protecting sensitive information, such as personal data, business strategies, or classified materials, from unauthorized disclosure.

Trust and Security: Confidentiality is fundamental to establishing trust in various relationships, whether in professional settings, legal matters, or personal interactions. It contributes to a sense of security and assurance.

Legal and Ethical Obligations: Many professions and industries have legal and ethical obligations to maintain confidentiality. This includes professions like healthcare, law, finance, and counseling, where safeguarding client or patient information is crucial.

Non-Disclosure Agreements: In contractual relationships, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) are often used to formalize the commitment to confidentiality, outlining the terms under which information can be shared.

Security Measures: Maintaining confidentiality may involve implementing security measures, such as encryption, password protection, or restricted access to specific individuals or roles.

Business and Trade Secrets: In the business world, confidentiality is vital for protecting trade secrets, proprietary information, and strategic plans that provide a competitive advantage.

Communication Trustworthiness: Ensuring confidentiality in communications enhances the trustworthiness of information exchanges, allowing individuals to share candid opinions or sensitive details without fear of unauthorized dissemination.

In summary, confidentiality is a noun that encompasses the practice of keeping information private and restricted, emphasizing the protection of sensitive or private data and contributing to trust, security, and ethical conduct in various contexts.

Examples of CONFIDENTIALITY in a sentence

  • Confidentiality refers to the practice of keeping sensitive information private and protected from unauthorized access.
  • In healthcare, patient confidentiality is crucial to maintaining trust between patients and healthcare providers.
  • Legal professionals are bound by rules of confidentiality to safeguard client information and maintain attorney-client privilege.
  • Confidentiality agreements are often used in business to protect proprietary information and trade secrets.
  • Journalists have ethical obligations to respect the confidentiality of their sources, especially in cases involving sensitive or confidential information.
  • Online platforms must ensure the confidentiality of users’ personal data to comply with privacy regulations and prevent data breaches.
  • Breaching confidentiality can have serious consequences, including legal penalties, damage to reputation, and loss of trust.
  • Individuals often rely on the promise of confidentiality when sharing personal or sensitive information with trusted individuals or organizations.


The term confidentiality has Latin roots and is formed from the combination of two Latin words:

  • Confidere: Meaning “to trust” or “to confide.” It is derived from “con-” (with) and “fidere” (to trust).
  • -ality: A suffix used to form nouns, often indicating a quality or condition.

Together, confidentiality refers to the state or quality of information being held in confidence, trusted, or kept private. It involves the ethical and legal obligation to protect sensitive or private information from unauthorized disclosure. The term is commonly used in various contexts, such as business, healthcare, legal matters, and interpersonal relationships, to emphasize the importance of maintaining privacy and trust.


  • Privacy
  • Secrecy
  • Discretion
  • Non-disclosure
  • Secrecy
  • Trust
  • Safeguarding
  • Seclusion


  • Disclosure
  • Publicity
  • Openness
  • Revelation
  • Exposure
  • Candidness
  • Transparency
  • Dissemination


  • Confidential
  • Classified
  • Privacy protection
  • Secured information
  • Privacy policy
  • Secretive
  • Restricted
  • Confidentiality agreement

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