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A trending topic is a subject or theme that experiences a surge in popularity or prominence within a specific online community or across multiple digital platforms. It typically garners a significant volume of user-generated content, interactions, and discussions within a relatively short period. Trending topics can encompass a wide range of subjects, including breaking news, viral memes, social movements, entertainment events, and more. The popularity of a trending topic is often driven by factors such as user engagement, shares, likes, retweets, and algorithmic amplification by social media platforms.

Trending topics, a prevalent phenomenon in the age of social media and digital interconnectedness, signify subjects, events, or discussions that captivate widespread attention and engagement within online communities. As platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok continue to shape public discourse and information dissemination, understanding trending topics becomes crucial for comprehending contemporary societal trends, viral phenomena, and emergent cultural movements.

Social Media Platforms: On platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, trending topics are prominently displayed to users, showcasing the most popular and widely discussed subjects at any given moment.

News and Media Outlets: News organisations often monitor trending topics on social media to identify emerging stories, gauge public sentiment, and tailor their coverage to match audience interests.

Marketing and Advertising: Brands and marketers leverage trending topics to capitalise on viral trends, engage with audiences, and increase brand visibility through timely and relevant content.

Cultural and Societal Analysis: Researchers and sociologists analyzs trending topics to gain insights into contemporary cultural phenomena, societal trends, and the dynamics of online discourse.

Content Creation and Influencer Culture: Content creators and influencers frequently align their content with trending topics to maximise visibility, reach new audiences, and stay relevant within their respective niches.

Trending topics represent a dynamic aspect of digital culture, reflecting the collective interests, conversations, and movements shaping online discourse. By monitoring and analysing trending topics, individuals and organisations can gain valuable insights into societal trends, audience preferences, and emergent cultural phenomena. Whether tracking breaking news, viral memes, or social movements, understanding trending topics is essential for navigating the ever-evolving landscape of digital communication and engagement.

Examples of TRENDING TOPIC in a sentence

  • The latest trending topic on social media is a new viral dance challenge.
  • Every morning, she checks Twitter to see the current trending topic.
  • The celebrity’s unexpected announcement quickly became a trending topic.
  • Climate change often becomes a trending topic during global conferences.
  • The debate on artificial intelligence is a frequent trending topic in tech circles.
  • During the awards show, the winner’s speech turned into a trending topic.
  • Political events usually dominate the trending topic list during election seasons.
  • The release of the new movie made it the top trending topic for days.


The term trending topic has its origins in modern English, influenced by the evolution of internet culture and social media platforms.

  • Modern English Origins: The term trending topic emerged in the early 21st century alongside the rise of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The word “trend” itself comes from the Old English “trendan,” meaning to revolve or turn, which evolved to describe general directions of change or development.
  • Internet and Social Media Influence: The concept of a trending topic became popular with the advent of social media platforms that track and highlight the most discussed subjects in real time. The “topic” part of the term is derived from the Greek word “topos,” meaning place, which evolved through Latin “topica” and Middle English “topike” to refer to a subject of discussion.
  • Adoption into Common Usage: As social media became more integrated into everyday life, the term trending topic was adopted into common parlance to describe subjects that are gaining rapid attention and widespread discussion online. This reflects the dynamic nature of online interactions and the rapid dissemination of information.
  • Contemporary Usage: In modern usage, trending topic refers to a subject or hashtag that is currently popular and widely discussed on social media platforms. It encompasses various fields, including news, entertainment, sports, and politics, and often reflects real-time events and public interests.

The term trending topic encapsulates the influence of social media on language and communication, highlighting the intersection of technology, culture, and real-time information sharing in the digital age.


  • Popular subject
  • Hot topic
  • Buzzworthy topic
  • Current craze
  • Viral theme
  • Trending subject
  • Buzzing discussion
  • Topical trend


  • Obscure issue
  • Unnoticed topic
  • Neglected subject
  • Unpopular theme
  • Disregarded trend
  • Ignored conversation
  • Unnoticed matter
  • Overlooked discussion


  • Virality
  • Social media buzz
  • Online chatter
  • Internet sensation
  • Popularity spike
  • Cultural phenomenon
  • Digital discourse
  • Web trend

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