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TASK Noun and Verb

Task operates as both a noun and a verb, denoting a specific piece of work or activity assigned to someone, as well as the act of assigning or undertaking such work. It encompasses various actions, responsibilities, or assignments that individuals or groups undertake to achieve specific objectives.

TASK as a noun

Assigned Work: As a noun, a task refers to a particular job, duty, or assignment given to someone to complete within a specified timeframe or according to certain criteria. Tasks can range from simple, routine activities to complex, multifaceted projects, depending on the context and requirements.

Responsibilities and Objectives: Tasks encompass a wide range of responsibilities and objectives in professional, educational, or personal settings. They may include daily chores, work-related projects, academic assignments, or strategic initiatives aimed at achieving specific goals or outcomes.

TASK as a verb

Undertaking Work: As a verb, to task someone is to assign or designate them to perform a specific job, duty, or activity. It involves the act of allocating responsibilities, outlining expectations, and providing resources or support necessary for the successful completion of the task.

Execution and Completion: Tasking entails the execution and completion of assigned work, requiring individuals or teams to apply their skills, knowledge, and efforts to accomplish the designated objectives. Effective task management involves planning, organizing, prioritizing, and monitoring tasks to ensure timely and satisfactory outcomes.

Examples: Examples of tasks include completing a report for work, studying for an upcoming exam, organizing a team meeting, or preparing a meal for dinner. Tasking someone may involve delegating responsibilities, such as assigning specific roles in a group project or outlining job duties for employees.

Task serves as both a noun and a verb, representing assigned work or activities and the act of assigning or undertaking such work. Whether managing daily responsibilities, tackling project deadlines, or collaborating on team initiatives, tasks play a fundamental role in organizing and accomplishing objectives across various domains of life and work.

Examples of TASK in a sentence

TASK as a noun in a sentence

  • Completing the project on time was a challenging task.
  • She tackled each task on her to-do list methodically.
  • The manager assigned a new task to the team every week.
  • The task of organizing the event fell to the volunteers.
  • His main task was to oversee the construction of the new building.
  • The students worked together to divide the tasks for their group project.
  • The task required careful attention to detail and precision.
  • Learning to delegate tasks effectively is an important skill for leaders.

TASK as a verb in a sentence

  • She tasked her assistant with researching potential vendors for the project.
  • The teacher tasked the students with completing the assignment by the end of the week.
  • The manager tasked each team member with a specific aspect of the project.
  • The committee was tasked with evaluating the proposals and making recommendations.
  • He was tasked with organizing the logistics for the conference.
  • The supervisor tasked the intern with compiling the data into a comprehensive report.
  • They were tasked with finding a solution to the problem before the deadline.
  • She tasked herself with learning a new language in her spare time.

Etymology of TASK

The term task has its etymological roots in Middle English and Old English, providing insights into its linguistic origins.

  • Middle English Influence: “Task” originated from the Middle English word “taske,” which referred to a piece of work or labor assigned to someone.
  • Old English Formation: In Old English, the word “tæsc” also existed, carrying a similar meaning of a duty or obligation.
  • Semantic Context: In modern usage, “task” denotes a specific piece of work or activity assigned to someone as part of their responsibilities or duties. It can range from simple chores to complex projects, and is often associated with productivity, efficiency, and achievement.

The term task emphasizes its association with assigned work or duties, reflecting its historical roots in Middle English and Old English and its contemporary usage to describe responsibilities or obligations.


  • Assignment
  • Duty
  • Job
  • Chore
  • Mission
  • Responsibility
  • Assignment
  • Project


  • Leisure
  • Free time
  • Unemployment
  • Inactivity
  • Rest
  • Break
  • Relaxation
  • Idle time


  • Work
  • Objective
  • Goal
  • Responsibility
  • Project
  • Errand
  • Assignment
  • Role

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