Definition of RESIGNATION LETTER Resignation letter is a noun phrase that refers to a formal document written by an employee to notify their employer of their intention to leave their job. As a noun phrase, resignation letter specifically denotes a letter written by an employee to officially communicate their decision to resign from their position. … Read more


Definition of RESIGNATION Resignation is a noun that refers to the act of giving up a job or position, as well as the acceptance of something undesirable but inevitable. As a noun, resignation primarily means the formal act of leaving or quitting a job or office. For example, “She submitted her resignation from the company,” … Read more


Definition of RAMBUTAN Rambutan is primarily a noun referring to a tropical fruit known for its hairy red or yellow skin and sweet, juicy flesh. The name also refers to the tree (Nephelium lappaceum) that bears this fruit. As a noun, rambutan refers to the exotic fruit that is native to Southeast Asia. For example, … Read more


definition meaning of REMITTANCE, meaning, synonym, antonym, use example and related words to REMITTANCE

Definition of REMITTANCE Remittance primarily refers to the act of sending money, especially by migrants, to family members or individuals in their home countries. As a noun, remittance denotes the sum of money sent or transferred, typically by a migrant worker, to their family members or dependents in their country of origin. Remittances play a … Read more


definition meaning of RUSSIAN, meaning, synonym, antonym, use example and related words to RUSSIAN

Definition of RUSSIAN Russian can serve as both a noun and an adjective, pertaining to the language, people, culture, or things associated with Russia. RUSSIAN as a noun As a noun, Russian refers to the people, language, or culture of Russia. It denotes individuals who are citizens or residents of Russia, as well as the … Read more


definition meaning of ROCKY ROAD, meaning, synonym, antonym, use example and related words to ROCKY ROAD

Definition of ROCKY ROAD Rocky Road typically refers to a type of ice cream flavor characterized by the inclusion of chocolate, marshmallows, and nuts, creating a rich and textured dessert experience. As a noun, Rocky Road denotes a flavor of ice cream renowned for its indulgent combination of chocolate ice cream studded with chewy marshmallows … Read more


Definition of RECONCILIATION Reconciliation operates primarily as a noun, referring to the process of restoring friendly relations or resolving conflicts between individuals, groups, or nations. It involves acknowledging past grievances, seeking mutual understanding, and fostering forgiveness to build trust and promote harmony. Noun – Restoring Friendly Relations: As a noun, reconciliation denotes the act of … Read more


Definition of REMEMBRANCE Remembrance is primarily a noun, describing the act or process of recalling or commemorating something, typically a memory, event, or person. As a noun, remembrance refers to the act of remembering or recalling something from the past, often with fondness, reverence, or solemnity. It can involve the recollection of memories, the honoring … Read more


Definition of RESERVE Reserve can function as both a noun and a verb. As a noun, it refers to something kept back or saved for future use or a special purpose. As a verb, it means to set aside or keep something for a particular person, purpose, or time. RESERVE as a noun As a … Read more


Definition of RETIRING Retiring can function as both an adjective and a verb. As an adjective, it describes someone who is shy and prefers to avoid social situations. As a verb, it refers to the act of leaving one’s job and ceasing to work, typically upon reaching a certain age, or the act of withdrawing … Read more

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