Definition of OPULENT Opulent primarily functions as an adjective, describing something that is luxurious, wealthy, or lavish in appearance, style, or quality. As an adjective, opulent characterizes abundance, extravagance, and grandeur. It suggests a display of wealth and prosperity, often associated with lavish lifestyles, extravagant spending, and luxurious surroundings. For example, “The ballroom was decorated … Read more


Definition of ONCE Once is a versatile word that can function as an adverb, conjunction, and noun. It generally denotes a single instance of something happening or being the case. ONCE as an adverb As an adverb, once indicates that something happened at some unspecified point in the past or will happen at a specific … Read more


definition meaning of OCEAN, meaning, synonym, antonym, use example and related words to OCEAN

Definition of OCEAN Ocean primarily serves as a noun, representing the vast body of saltwater covering approximately 71% of the Earth’s surface and comprising interconnected marine ecosystems. As a noun, the ocean refers to the immense expanse of water that includes the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Southern, and Arctic Oceans, along with various seas, gulfs, and … Read more


Definition of OBSTETRIC FISTULA Obstetric fistula refers to a childbirth injury that occurs during prolonged or obstructed labor, resulting in a hole or tear between the birth canal and the bladder or rectum. This condition can lead to chronic urinary or fecal incontinence, causing physical discomfort, social stigma, and psychological distress for affected individuals. Noun … Read more


definition meaning of OVERCONFIDENT, meaning, synonym, antonym, use example and related words to OVERCONFIDENT

Definition of OVERCONFIDENT The term overconfident functions as an adjective and describes an individual characterized by excessive confidence or belief in their abilities, often to the extent that it may lead to underestimating risks or overlooking potential challenges. Excessive Confidence (Adjective): Overconfident is an adjective that characterizes an individual with a level of confidence that … Read more


Definition of OSTENTATIOUS Ostentatious is an adjective used to describe something that is characterized by a vulgar or excessive display, often intended to attract attention, impress others, or demonstrate wealth or status. Here are its key aspects: Excessive Display: Ostentatious behavior involves an extravagant or flamboyant display of wealth, luxury, or extravagance, often exceeding what … Read more


Definition of ONOMATOPOEIA Onomatopoeia is a noun that refers to a word that imitates or resembles the sound it describes. These words are often used to evoke or represent the actual sound associated with objects, actions, or phenomena. Here are key aspects related to the term “Onomatopoeia“: Mimicking Sounds: Onomatopoeic words are formed in a … Read more


definition meaning of OPEN HANDED, meaning, synonym, antonym, use example and related words to OPEN-HANDED

Definition of OPEN-HANDED Open-Handed is an adjective that describes a generous or liberal approach in giving, sharing, or dealing with others. Here are several key aspects associated with the concept of being open-handed: Generosity and Liberality: Being open-handed implies a willingness to give freely and generously, without hesitation or reluctance. It involves sharing resources, assistance, … Read more


Definition of OXYGEN Oxygen is a chemical element essential for life, represented by the symbol “O” and the atomic number 8. It constitutes approximately 21% of the Earth’s atmosphere by volume, primarily existing in the form of diatomic oxygen molecules (O2). This colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas is highly reactive and plays a crucial role … Read more


definition meaning of ORGANOMETALLIC, meaning, synonym, antonym, use example and related words to ORGANOMETALLIC

Definition of ORGANOMETALLIC Organometallic is an adjective that describes compounds containing bonds between carbon atoms and metal atoms. It encompasses several key aspects: Chemical Structure: Organometallic compounds feature one or more metal atoms bonded directly to carbon atoms, forming organic-metallic bonds. These compounds can range from simple molecules to complex polymers, clusters, or coordination complexes. … Read more

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