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Excessively is an adverb that denotes a manner or degree characterized by being beyond what is necessary, appropriate, or desirable. Here’s an exploration of its key features:

Extent Beyond Normal: Excessively indicates that something is done, experienced, or possessed to an extent that surpasses what is considered typical, reasonable, or sufficient. It implies a surplus or abundance beyond what is required for a particular purpose or situation.

Overly or Extremely: When used in speech or writing, excessively emphasizes that a certain quality, action, or condition is present in an extreme or disproportionate manner. It suggests that the degree or intensity of something exceeds the usual or expected level, often to the point of being detrimental or undesirable.

Conveying Intensity: Excessively conveys a sense of intensity, exaggeration, or immoderation in the context of the activity, behavior, or attribute it describes. It may imply an overzealousness, extravagance, or exaggeration that goes beyond what is considered appropriate or socially acceptable.

Potential Negative Effects: Actions or behaviors described as excessively may lead to negative consequences, such as wastefulness, inefficiency, imbalance, or harm. When taken to extremes, certain behaviors or traits can become problematic or detrimental to oneself or others.

Excessively serves as an adverbial expression highlighting the degree or intensity of an action, behavior, or condition that exceeds what is considered reasonable or appropriate. Its usage draws attention to situations where moderation or restraint may be necessary to avoid negative outcomes or consequences.

Examples of EXCESSIVELY in a sentence

  • She was excessively cautious, checking the locks on the doors multiple times before leaving.
  • He tends to worry excessively about things that are beyond his control.
  • The prices at the restaurant were excessively high, considering the portion sizes.
  • The student was reprimanded for talking excessively during class.
  • The heat during the summer months can be excessively uncomfortable without proper cooling.
  • Her perfume was excessively strong, causing some people to cough in its presence.
  • The company’s use of plastic packaging was criticized as being excessively wasteful.
  • The government was accused of spending excessively on unnecessary projects.


The term excessively derives its etymology from the Middle English word “excesse,” which originated from the Old French word “exces” and the Latin word “excessus.” In Latin, “excessus” is a past participle of the verb “excedere,” meaning “to go out” or “to exceed.” This suggests a sense of surpassing limits or boundaries.

  • Middle English Influence: In Middle English, “excesse” referred to going beyond normal or acceptable limits, particularly in quantity or degree. It conveyed the idea of being too much or overly abundant.
  • French and Latin Roots: The Old French word “exces” retained a similar meaning to its Latin predecessor, indicating a state of going beyond what is considered appropriate or reasonable. Both the French and Latin terms emphasized the notion of exceeding boundaries.
  • Contemporary Usage: In contemporary English, “excessively” functions as an adverb to describe actions, behaviors, or qualities that are carried out or manifested to an extreme or undue degree. It conveys the idea of something being done excessively, overly, or immoderately.

Through its etymological journey from Latin and Old French to Middle English, the term excessively has retained its core meaning of surpassing limits or norms, highlighting the concept of going beyond what is deemed appropriate or acceptable.


  • Overly
  • Extremely
  • Unnecessarily
  • Unreasonably
  • Immoderately
  • Extravagantly
  • Overindulgently
  • Overwhelmingly


  • Moderately
  • Reasonably
  • Adequately
  • Sufficiently
  • Justifiably
  • Appropriately
  • Proportionately
  • In Moderation


  • Unrestrained
  • Intemperate
  • Overboard
  • Unbridled
  • Lavish
  • Inordinately
  • Prodigious
  • Overdone

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