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Electrocute is a verb that describes the action of causing death or injury by electric shock. It occurs when a person or animal comes into contact with a source of electricity, resulting in the passage of an electric current through the body. This can disrupt normal bodily functions, leading to cardiac arrest, burns, or other severe injuries. The term is used to emphasize the fatal or harmful consequences of electrical accidents, highlighting the importance of electrical safety measures in preventing such incidents.

Electrical Safety: Understanding the risks of electrocution is crucial for promoting electrical safety in various environments, including homes, workplaces, and outdoor spaces. Measures such as using ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs), avoiding contact with live electrical wires, and following proper electrical installation practices can help reduce the risk of electrocution accidents and protect individuals from harm.

Emergency Response: In the event of an electrocution incident, prompt emergency response is essential to minimize harm and increase the chances of survival. First aid measures, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and calling for medical assistance, can help stabilize the individual until professional help arrives. It’s important to approach electrocution scenes with caution to prevent further injuries to responders and bystanders.

Prevention Efforts: Efforts to prevent electrocution accidents include public education campaigns, workplace safety training, and regulatory measures aimed at improving electrical infrastructure and equipment standards. By raising awareness about the dangers of electrical hazards and promoting safe practices, communities can reduce the incidence of electrocution and protect lives.

In summary, electrocute as a verb describes the action of causing death or injury by electric shock. Understanding the risks associated with electrical hazards and implementing appropriate safety measures are essential for preventing electrocution accidents and promoting a safer environment for everyone.

Examples of ELECTROCUTE in a sentence

  • He was tragically electrocuted while attempting to repair the faulty wiring.
  • The warning signs reminded workers to be cautious around exposed wires to avoid being electrocuted.
  • She narrowly avoided being electrocuted when she unplugged the faulty appliance.
  • The electrician always wears insulated gloves to reduce the risk of being electrocuted on the job.
  • The curious child was nearly electrocuted after sticking a metal object into the electrical socket.
  • The company implemented safety measures to prevent workers from being electrocuted while working with high-voltage equipment.
  • The rescue team arrived just in time to revive the man who had been electrocuted by a downed power line.
  • He suffered severe injuries after being electrocuted by faulty wiring in his home.


The term electrocute combines elements of electricity and harm, evoking images of danger and potential injury. Understanding its etymology and implications sheds light on the risks associated with electrical hazards.

  • Roots in Electricity and Execution: “Electrocute” is a portmanteau of “electric” and “execute,” first coined in the late 19th century.
  • Origin of the Term: The term emerged during the spread of electricity and its associated dangers, particularly in the context of accidental fatalities caused by electric shocks.

In conclusion, electrocute carries weighty connotations of electrical danger and potential fatality. Its etymology and usage underscore the critical need for caution and awareness when dealing with electricity to mitigate the risks of harm or injury.


  • Electric shock
  • Electrical injury
  • Current harm
  • Shock hazard
  • Voltage danger
  • Power surge risk
  • Electrical trauma
  • Live wire threat


  • Electrical safety
  • Shock prevention
  • Insulated security
  • Non-conductive protection
  • Voltage safety
  • Current shielding
  • Electric harm prevention
  • Shock-free measures


  • Electrical peril
  • Wiring hazard
  • Conduction risk
  • High-voltage threat
  • Electricity peril
  • Wiring danger
  • Current peril
  • Shock risk

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