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Concealed functions primarily as an adjective, describing something that is hidden, obscured, or kept out of sight from observation or discovery. It denotes the act or state of intentionally concealing or hiding something to prevent it from being seen or known by others.

Adjective – Hidden or Obscured: As an adjective, concealed characterizes something that is deliberately kept hidden or obscured from view. It implies a purposeful effort to prevent the detection or revelation of something, whether it be an object, information, or intention.

Adjective – Stealthy or Covert: Concealed also suggests a stealthy or covert nature, where the concealed object or information is not readily apparent or easily detected. It may involve camouflage, deception, or secrecy to mask its presence or true nature.

Adjective – Protection or Security: Furthermore, concealed may connote a sense of protection or security, particularly when referring to concealed weapons or concealed compartments designed to safeguard valuables or sensitive items from theft or unauthorized access.

Adjective – Figurative Usage: In a figurative sense, concealed can describe hidden emotions, motives, or agendas that are not openly expressed or revealed to others. It may imply a level of secrecy or privacy regarding personal thoughts, feelings, or intentions.

In conclusion, concealed serves as an adjective that denotes something hidden, obscured, or kept out of sight from observation or discovery. Whether describing physical objects, information, intentions, or emotions, concealed implies a deliberate effort to conceal or hide something for various reasons, including stealth, security, or privacy. Its usage extends across different contexts, from concealed weapons and compartments to concealed emotions and motives, highlighting the complexity of human behavior and the need for discretion and confidentiality in certain situations.

Examples of CONCEALED in a sentence

  • Concealed refers to something that is hidden or kept out of sight from view or knowledge.
  • A concealed weapon is one that is hidden from plain view, often carried for personal protection or defense.
  • Some individuals may carry a concealed agenda, keeping their true intentions or motives hidden from others.
  • The spy concealed his identity while gathering information behind enemy lines.
  • Concealed surveillance cameras are used to monitor activities discreetly without being easily detected.
  • In literature, authors may use concealed symbolism or themes to convey deeper meanings within their works.
  • The suspect was apprehended with a concealed stash of illegal drugs hidden in his vehicle.
  • Concealed carry laws regulate the possession of firearms that are kept hidden on a person’s body or within their belongings.


The term concealed has its roots in Latin and Old French before evolving into its current usage in English.

  • Latin Origins: The term concealed finds its etymological foundation in the Latin word “concelare,” which means “to hide” or “to keep secret.” This Latin root reflects the concept of obscuring or covering something from view.
  • Old French Influence: During the medieval period, Old French adopted the term from Latin, giving rise to “conceler” or “conceeler,” which also meant “to hide” or “to keep secret.” Old French was a significant influence on the English language, contributing numerous words and expressions.
  • Integration into English: As English evolved, it absorbed vocabulary from Latin and Old French, including the term concealed. In English, “concealed” came to describe something that is hidden, obscured, or kept out of sight, often with the intention of maintaining secrecy or privacy.
  • Semantic Development: Over time, the term concealed expanded beyond its literal meaning of physical hiding to include metaphorical or abstract concealment. It can refer to hidden motives, concealed emotions, or undisclosed information, reflecting a broader range of contexts and applications.
  • Contemporary Usage: In contemporary usage, concealed typically describes something that is intentionally kept from view, whether it be a concealed weapon, a concealed truth, or a concealed identity. The term retains its connotations of secrecy, privacy, or deception, depending on the context in which it is used.

The term concealed exemplifies the linguistic evolution of English, drawing from Latin and Old French roots to convey the concept of hiding or keeping something secret. Its versatility allows it to encompass various forms of concealment, both literal and figurative, reflecting the complexity of human communication and behavior.


  • Hidden
  • Camouflaged
  • Covered
  • Masked
  • Obscured
  • Veiled
  • Sheltered
  • Cloaked


  • Revealed
  • Exposed
  • Uncovered
  • Visible
  • Open
  • Transparent
  • Unveiled
  • Apparent


  • Concealment
  • Secured
  • Shrouded
  • Covert
  • Disguised
  • Stealthy
  • Unseen
  • Clandestine

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