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An application, typically a noun, refers to a software program designed to perform specific tasks or functions for users. It can be understood in various contexts:

Functionality: Applications are designed to fulfill particular purposes, such as word processing, spreadsheet management, email communication, web browsing, social networking, multimedia editing, gaming, and productivity enhancement. They provide users with tools, features, and interfaces tailored to their needs, enabling them to accomplish tasks efficiently and effectively.

Types Applications come in various types, including desktop applications, mobile applications (apps), web applications, enterprise applications, and specialized software for specific industries or domains. Each type serves different usage scenarios and platforms, offering distinct capabilities and user experiences.

Development: The development of applications involves processes such as design, coding, testing, debugging, and deployment, typically conducted by software developers, engineers, designers, and testers.

Applications may be developed using programming languages, development frameworks, and software development kits (SDKs) tailored to specific platforms and technologies.

Distribution and Installation: Applications are distributed to users through various channels, including app stores, software marketplaces, websites, and enterprise distribution platforms. Users typically install applications on their devices by downloading and executing installation packages or accessing them through web browsers.

In summary, an application refers to a software program designed to perform specific tasks or functions for users, available in various types, developed through specific processes, and distributed through different channels for installation and use on computing devices.

Examples of APPLICATION in a sentence

  • The mobile application provides users with a convenient way to access information on the go.
  • Companies often develop customized software applications to streamline internal processes.
  • An application for project management helps teams collaborate and track progress efficiently.
  • The job seeker submitted an online application for the open position.
  • Educational applications offer interactive learning experiences for students.
  • An application is a software program designed to perform specific tasks on a computer or mobile device.
  • Users can install applications to accomplish various functions, such as word processing, gaming, or social media interaction.
  • The popularity of mobile applications has grown significantly with the widespread use of smartphones and tablets.
  • Applications have transformed how people work, communicate, and access information in the digital age.

Etymology of APPLICATION

The term application has a diverse etymological journey, originating from Latin and evolving through Old French before becoming a common term in English, reflecting its broad usage in various contexts.

  • Latin Roots: The word application finds its origins in the Latin verb “applicare,” which combines “ad” (to) and “plicare” (to fold or bend). In Latin, “applicare” referred to the act of attaching, joining, or bringing into contact, implying a sense of bringing something to bear on a task or purpose.
  • Old French Influence: During the medieval period, the term transitioned from Latin into Old French as “aplicacion,” maintaining its sense of bringing something into contact or use. Old French was a significant influence on the English language, and many words, including “application,” were borrowed or adapted during this time.
  • Middle English Adoption: The term application entered Middle English from Old French, retaining its sense of applying or using something for a specific purpose. In Middle English, it was used in various contexts, including practical tasks, academic pursuits, and legal proceedings.
  • Modern English Usage: In modern English, application encompasses a wide range of meanings, including the act of applying or putting something to use, such as applying for a job or applying a principle to a situation. It also refers to software programs designed to perform specific tasks on computers or electronic devices.

Through its evolution from Latin through Old French to its incorporation into modern English, the term application has retained its fundamental association with the act of applying or putting something to use, reflecting its diverse usage in various domains of human endeavor.


  • Software
  • Program
  • APP
  • Tool
  • System
  • Platform
  • Utility
  • Solution


  • Hardware
  • Manual
  • Physical
  • Inactivity
  • Rest
  • Immobility
  • Stagnation
  • Obsolete


  • Development
  • Interface
  • Functionality
  • User Interface
  • Integration
  • User Experience
  • Coding
  • Implementation

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