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Applausive is an adjective used to describe actions, reactions, or attitudes that involve applause or approval. It signifies a positive response or appreciation expressed through clapping or other similar gestures. Here’s an exploration of the term “applausive“:

Positive Approval: When something is described as “applausive,” it implies that it elicits or deserves applause or approval. This could refer to a performance, achievement, speech, or any action that garners admiration or praise from an audience or observers. The term highlights the affirmative nature of the response, indicating that it is supportive and encouraging.

Expressing Approval: Applausive actions or reactions involve the act of applauding or showing approval through gestures such as clapping, cheering, or ovation. These expressions of approval serve to acknowledge and celebrate the merits or accomplishments of an individual or group, reinforcing positive behavior or achievements.

Encouraging and Affirmative: The use of the term applausive suggests an atmosphere of encouragement and affirmation, where positive feedback is readily given and received. It reflects a supportive environment where achievements are celebrated, talents are recognized, and efforts are appreciated, fostering motivation and morale.

Cultural and Social Context: The concept of applausive behaviour may vary depending on cultural norms and social contexts. In some cultures, applause is a common and expected response to performances or speeches, while in others, it may be more reserved or selective. Nevertheless, the underlying sentiment of approval and appreciation remains consistent.

Applausive actions, reactions, or attitudes embody expressions of approval, admiration, and encouragement. Whether in response to a captivating performance, an inspiring speech, or a noteworthy achievement, applause serves as a tangible expression of support and recognition. By acknowledging and celebrating accomplishments, “applausive” behavior contributes to a positive and affirming social atmosphere, reinforcing bonds within communities and fostering a culture of appreciation and encouragement.

Examples of APPLAUSIVE in a sentence

  • The audience erupted in an applausive response, expressing their admiration for the breathtaking performance.
  • The speech received an overwhelmingly applausive reception, resonating with the values of the attentive audience.
  • The film’s conclusion was met with a quiet but applausive acknowledgment from the captivated viewers.
  • The actor’s heartfelt monologue prompted an applausive reaction, acknowledging the emotional depth of the performance.
  • The team’s outstanding achievement on the field was met with a stadium full of applausive cheers.
  • The audience erupted into applausive cheers after the performance.
  • His applausive gestures encouraged the team during the game.
  • The speaker received an applausive reception for their inspiring speech.
  • The applausive reaction to the artist’s work was overwhelming.


The term applausive has its linguistic roots in Latin and has evolved through various stages to its current usage in English, reflecting its role in describing actions or expressions of approval and commendation.

  • Latin Origins: The word applausive derives from the Latin verb “applaudere,” which combines “ad” (towards) and “plaudere” (to clap). In Latin, “applaudere” referred to the act of clapping or striking together, particularly as an expression of approval, admiration, or praise.
  • Middle English Influence: During the Middle English period, the term underwent transformation as Latin words were adopted into Old French before making their way into English. While “applausive” itself may not have been directly borrowed from Latin, its influence is evident in the English language’s vocabulary related to expressions of approval and acclaim.
  • Modern English Usage: In modern English, applausive serves as an adjective describing actions, gestures, or remarks characterized by approval, praise, or admiration. It is commonly used to describe the atmosphere or reaction of an audience during performances, presentations, or other events where applause is given as a sign of appreciation.

Through its journey from Latin through Old French to its incorporation into modern English, the term applausive has retained its fundamental association with expressions of approval and commendation, reflecting the enduring human inclination to recognize and celebrate excellence.


  • Admiring
  • Commendatory
  • Praiseful
  • Complimentary
  • Acclaiming
  • Eulogistic
  • Approving
  • Flattering


  • Critical
  • Disapproving
  • Detracting
  • Censuring
  • Unfavorable
  • Condemnatory
  • Uncomplimentary
  • Negative


  • Commendation
  • Approval
  • Acclaim
  • Kudos
  • Recognition
  • Ovation
  • Cheers
  • Praise

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