Definition of APPEARANCE


Appearance operates primarily as a noun, encompassing the visible aspect or presentation of someone or something. It refers to how someone or something looks or is perceived, including physical characteristics, demeanor, or outward manifestations.

Noun – Physical Presentation: As a noun, appearance denotes the physical attributes or outward presentation of someone or something. This includes factors such as facial features, body language, grooming, attire, and overall demeanor, which collectively contribute to the impression or image conveyed to others.

Noun – Perception and Impression: Appearance also encompasses the perception or impression formed based on someone’s or something’s outward presentation. It refers to how individuals are perceived by others, including judgments or assessments based on visual cues, social norms, cultural expectations, or personal biases.

Noun – Public Presentation: In social or public contexts, appearance may refer to the way individuals present themselves to others, particularly in formal or public settings. This includes considerations of dress code, grooming standards, and overall presentation aimed at projecting a desired image or identity.

Noun – Illusion or Deception: The term appearance can also imply a superficial or deceptive aspect of someone or something’s presentation, which may not accurately reflect underlying realities or truths. This could involve efforts to create a favorable impression or disguise less favorable aspects through manipulation or artifice.


Appearance is the correct spelling for appearence. Appearence, simply doesn´t exist and it is commonly the misspelling for appearance.

In conclusion, appearance is a noun that encompasses the visible aspect or presentation of someone or something, including physical attributes, demeanor, and outward manifestations. It plays a significant role in shaping perceptions, impressions, and interactions in various social, cultural, and professional contexts. While appearances may influence initial judgments or impressions, deeper understanding often requires looking beyond surface-level presentations to discern the complexities and realities beneath the surface.

Examples of APPEARANCE in a sentence

  • His neat appearance suggested a person of discipline and professionalism.
  • The actress maintained her youthful appearance through a strict skincare regimen.
  • The company emphasized the importance of a polished appearance for client meetings.
  • His disheveled appearance hinted at a night spent working on his latest project.
  • She made an effort to improve her appearance by updating her wardrobe and hairstyle.
  • Her appearance at the party was stunning, drawing admiring glances from the guests.
  • The suspect’s appearance matched the description provided by the eyewitnesses.
  • The company’s logo underwent a redesign to give it a more modern and appealing appearance.


The term “appearance” originates from the Middle English word “apparaunce,” which evolved from the Old French “aparance.” Here’s the breakdown:

  • Aparance (Old French): Derived from the Latin “apparere,” meaning “to appear” or “to be visible.”

Therefore, “appearance” originally referred to the act of becoming visible or manifesting oneself. Over time, its meaning expanded to include the way someone or something looks or presents itself to others.

In modern usage, “appearance” denotes the outward manifestation or aspect of a person, object, or situation, often involving physical characteristics, attire, demeanour, or presentation. It can also refer to the impression or perception created by someone or something based on their external attributes or presentation.

In summary, “appearance” conveys the idea of how someone or something looks or presents itself, originating from the Old French term meaning “to appear” or “to be visible.”


  • Look
  • Aspect
  • Presence
  • Presentation
  • Impression
  • Image
  • Exterior
  • Visage


  • Disappearance
  • Invisibility
  • Obscurity
  • Vanishing
  • Concealment
  • Hiddenness
  • Inconspicuousness
  • Unseen


  • Appear
  • Appeared
  • Disappear
  • Visual
  • Ugly
  • Manifestation
  • Beauty
  • Outfit

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