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Triangular is an adjective that describes something having three sides, angles, or corners, forming a shape resembling a triangle.

Geometric Shapes: In geometry, a triangular shape refers to any polygon with three sides and three angles. Triangles are one of the fundamental shapes in geometry and can vary in size, orientation, and internal angles.

Structural Design: The triangular shape is often utilized in structural design and architecture due to its stability and strength. Triangular trusses and supports are commonly used in buildings, bridges, and other structures to distribute loads efficiently.

Mathematical Properties: Triangles have various mathematical properties, including the Pythagorean theorem, which relates the lengths of the sides in a right-angled triangle, as well as formulas for calculating area and perimeter based on side lengths and angles.

Symbolism and Representation: Beyond its geometric and mathematical significance, the triangular shape holds symbolic and representational meanings in various contexts. It can symbolize stability, balance, and harmony, and is often used in logos, emblems, and artwork to convey these concepts.

As an adjective, triangular describes something having three sides, angles, or corners, forming a shape resembling a triangle. The triangular shape is fundamental in geometry, utilized in structural design, and carries symbolic significance in various contexts.

Examples of TRIANGULAR in a sentence

  • The pizza slice was cut into a perfect triangular shape, making it easy to share among friends.
  • The building’s roof had a unique design with several triangular skylights, allowing natural light to illuminate the space.
  • The logo featured a bold and modern design with a distinctive triangular motif.
  • The artist used a palette of vibrant colors to create an abstract painting with triangular patterns and shapes.
  • The mountain range had a series of triangular peaks that added to the breathtaking scenery.
  • The architect incorporated triangular windows into the design to maximize both light and visual interest.
  • The traffic sign indicated a triangular shape, warning drivers of an upcoming yield ahead.
  • The kite soared through the sky, its tail trailing in a series of elegant triangular patterns.


The term triangular derives its linguistic origins from Latin and Greek, representing the geometric concept of having three angles and three sides. Its etymology reveals a fundamental aspect of geometry and mathematics, reflecting the historical development of mathematical principles and geometric shapes.

  • Etymology and Origins: The term triangular originates from the Latin word “triangulus,” which combines “tri-” meaning “three” and “angulus” meaning “angle.” This Latin term was influenced by the corresponding Greek word “trigōnon,” which also denotes a three-angled shape.
  • Historical Usage: Throughout history, the concept of triangular shapes has been essential in various fields, including architecture, engineering, and art. Ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians and Greeks utilized triangular structures in their architectural designs, recognizing their stability and efficiency in distributing weight.
  • Contemporary Significance: In contemporary contexts, triangular describes objects, shapes, or structures characterized by three angles and three sides. It is a fundamental geometric shape studied in mathematics and utilized in numerous applications, from construction and design to navigation and trigonometry.

The term triangular embodies the enduring significance of geometric principles and shapes, tracing its etymological roots from Latin and Greek to its present-day usage as a fundamental concept in mathematics, architecture, and various other disciplines.


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