Definition of VAIN Vain is an adjective that describes someone excessively concerned with their appearance, abilities, or achievements, often to the point of being conceited or overly proud. It reflects an inflated sense of self-importance and a preoccupation with external validation or admiration. Concerned with Appearance: Individuals described as vain often prioritize their physical appearance … Read more


definition meaning of VERB, meaning, synonym, antonym, use example and related words to VERB

Definition of VERB As a part of speech, a verb is a word that expresses an action, occurrence, or state of being in a sentence. Verbs play a central role in constructing sentences by indicating what the subject is doing or experiencing, whether it’s an action (e.g., run, eat) or a state of being (e.g., … Read more


Definition of VIRTUE Virtue is a noun that refers to a quality or trait considered morally good, admirable, or desirable. It encompasses principles and behaviors aligned with ethical standards, righteousness, integrity, and excellence, often serving as a guiding principle for moral conduct and character development. Moral Excellence: At its core, virtue embodies moral excellence and … Read more


Definition of VIOLATION Violation is a noun that refers to the act of breaking or infringing upon a law, rule, agreement, code of conduct, or moral principle. It involves the disregard or transgression of established norms, standards, or boundaries, leading to non-compliance, harm, or offense. Legal Infringement: In legal contexts, a violation denotes the breach … Read more


Definition of VIDEO Video is a noun that refers to a recording or broadcast of moving visual images, typically accompanied by sound. It encompasses various forms of audiovisual content, including movies, television programs, online videos, and recorded presentations. Entertainment and Media: In the realm of entertainment and media, video represents a significant medium for storytelling, … Read more


Definition of VINEGARY Vinegary is an adjective that describes something having the sour or acidic taste characteristic of vinegar. It refers to the tartness or tanginess reminiscent of vinegar, often used to describe flavors or aromas that evoke the sensation of acidity. Culinary Descriptions: In culinary contexts, vinegary describes foods or dishes that exhibit a … Read more


Definition of VINEGAR Vinegar is a noun that refers to a sour-tasting liquid typically made from the fermentation of alcohol, such as wine, cider, or malt, resulting in acetic acid. It is commonly used as a condiment, preservative, or flavoring agent in cooking, food preparation, and household cleaning. Culinary Applications: In culinary contexts, vinegar serves … Read more


Definition of VIRTUALISATION Virtualisation is a noun that refers to the process of creating a virtual version or representation of physical resources, such as hardware, software, storage devices, or network resources. It enables the efficient utilization and management of computing resources by abstracting physical components and presenting them in a virtualised environment, which can be … Read more


Definition of VIBRATION Vibration refers to the rapid back-and-forth movement of an object or medium around a central equilibrium position. It is characterized by oscillations or fluctuations in position, typically resulting from the transfer of energy through a medium, such as air, water, or solid materials. Physical Phenomenon: In the physical sciences, vibration is a … Read more


Definition of VALUE Value can be both a noun and a verb, relating to the importance, worth, or usefulness of something, as well as the act of estimating or assigning such worth. VALUE as a noun As a noun, value refers to the importance, worth, or usefulness of something. For example, “The value of honesty … Read more

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