Definition of QUIXOTIC Quixotic is primarily an adjective used to describe someone or something as exceedingly idealistic, impractical, or unrealistic, often in pursuit of noble or chivalrous goals. Idealistic and Impractical: Quixotic characterizes actions, beliefs, or endeavors that are guided by lofty ideals but are often considered impractical or unrealistic in the context of reality. … Read more


Definition of QUANTITY Quantity primarily functions as a noun, referring to an amount, measure, or extent of something that can be counted, measured, or compared. It encompasses both numerical values and qualitative assessments of size, volume, or magnitude. As a noun, quantity denotes the numerical or qualitative measure of something, whether tangible or abstract. For … Read more


Definition of QUICK TEMPO Quick tempo is a noun phrase referring to a fast or rapid pace, rhythm, or speed in music, characterized by a high number of beats per minute (BPM) or a brisk and energetic performance style. It denotes the tempo or speed at which a musical piece is played, conveying a sense … Read more


Definition of QUICKNESS Quickness is a noun that describes the quality or state of being rapid or swift, emphasizing the speed, agility, or promptness of an action, process, or movement. It denotes the ability to perform or react with celerity, efficiency, or alacrity, often implying a sense of urgency or immediacy. Speed and Swiftness: Quickness … Read more


Definition of QUICK Quick functions as both an adjective and an adverb, describing speed, agility, or promptness. QUICK as an adjective As an adjective, quick describes something characterized by rapid movement, action, or response. For example, a quick runner is someone who can move swiftly, while a quick decision is one made promptly or without … Read more


Definition of QUIET Quiet functions as both an adjective and a noun, describing the absence of noise or disturbance, as well as a state of calmness or tranquility. QUIET as an adjective As an adjective, quiet describes something characterized by a lack of noise or disturbance. For example, a quiet room is one where there … Read more

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