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Showy is an adjective that describes something that is flashy, ostentatious, or designed to attract attention through its striking appearance or extravagant style. It refers to objects, clothing, decorations, or performances that are visually impressive or conspicuous, often characterized by bold colors, elaborate designs, or excessive embellishments.

Visually Striking Appearance: The adjective showy suggests that something is designed to be noticed or admired, drawing attention through its eye-catching features or flamboyant presentation. This could include elaborate costumes, ornate jewelry, extravagant architecture, or flamboyant displays of wealth or status.

Extravagant or Ornate: Showy items or displays often feature extravagant or ornate details that contribute to their dramatic effect. This could involve intricate patterns, elaborate decorations, luxurious materials, or excessive embellishments intended to enhance their visual appeal and create a sense of opulence or grandeur.

Attention-Grabbing Behavior: In a broader sense, the term showy can also describe behavior or actions that are intended to attract attention or impress others through flamboyant or ostentatious means. This could include flamboyant gestures, theatrical performances, or excessive displays of wealth or success.

Negative Connotations: While showy items or behavior may initially appear impressive or attractive, they can also carry negative connotations, suggesting superficiality, pretentiousness, or a lack of substance beneath the flashy exterior. Excessive showiness may be perceived as gauche or tacky, especially if it is seen as an attempt to compensate for deeper insecurities or deficiencies.

Examples of Showy Items: Examples of showy items include elaborate costumes or evening gowns adorned with sequins and beads, extravagant jewelry featuring large gemstones or intricate designs, ornate architectural facades with intricate carvings or decorative motifs, and flamboyant displays of floral arrangements or holiday decorations.

Showy is an adjective that describes something flashy, ostentatious, or designed to attract attention through its striking appearance or extravagant style. Whether referring to ornate decorations, elaborate costumes, flamboyant performances, or attention-grabbing behavior, showiness often conveys a sense of visual extravagance or theatricality that seeks to captivate and impress observers.

Examples of SHOWY in a sentence

  • Her dress was showy, covered in sequins and glitter.
  • The peacock’s feathers are known for their showy display during courtship.
  • He drove a showy sports car to impress his friends.
  • The restaurant had a showy entrance with elaborate decorations.
  • She wore showy jewelry that caught everyone’s attention.
  • The magician’s tricks were showy but lacked substance.
  • The garden was filled with showy flowers in vibrant colors.
  • His extravagant lifestyle was filled with showy displays of wealth.

Origin of SHOWY

The term showy delves into the realms of appearance, display, and ostentation, embodying qualities of striking visual appeal and conspicuousness. Rooted in Old English and Middle English, it has evolved into an adjective that describes objects, actions, or behaviors that are designed to attract attention through their vivid or flashy appearance.

  • Old English and Middle English Origins: Showy finds its roots in the Old English word “sceawian,” meaning “to look at” or “to see,” and the Middle English “showen,” which means “to exhibit” or “display.” These origins highlight the term’s connection to visibility and the act of being seen.
  • Striking Visual Appeal: As an adjective, showy describes objects or appearances that have striking visual appeal. This includes vivid colors, elaborate designs, or ornate decorations that stand out and catch the eye, often intended to impress or attract attention.
  • Conspicuous and Flashy: Showy also refers to things that are conspicuously flashy or ostentatious. This can apply to fashion, architecture, or behavior that is characterized by an excessive or flamboyant display meant to draw notice and admiration.
  • Designed to Impress: The term implies a deliberate intention to impress others through outward appearance. Showy items or actions are often created or performed with the goal of making a strong impression, whether through extravagance, glamour, or novelty.
  • Negative Connotations of Ostentation: Showy can carry negative connotations of ostentation or superficiality, suggesting that something is overly elaborate or done for the sake of appearances rather than substance. This aspect emphasizes the potential for showiness to be perceived as lacking depth or authenticity.
  • Attraction and Attention: In a broader sense, showy encapsulates the concept of attracting and holding attention through visual or performative means. This can include everything from showy flowers that attract pollinators to showy performances designed to captivate an audience.

Showy embodies the essence of visual appeal, conspicuousness, and the intent to attract attention. From its linguistic roots in Old and Middle English to its contemporary applications in describing objects, fashion, and behavior, the term reflects the human fascination with striking appearances and the desire to stand out in various contexts.


  • Flashy
  • Ostentatious
  • Flamboyant
  • Gaudy
  • Extravagant
  • Dazzling
  • Grandiose
  • Ornate


  • Understated
  • Subtle
  • Modest
  • Simple
  • Unassuming
  • Plain
  • Tasteful
  • Elegant


  • Extravagant
  • Dazzling
  • Grandiose
  • Ornate
  • Attention-grabbing
  • Flamboyance
  • Spectacular
  • Flashiness

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