Definition of PROSPECTIVE


Prospective is an adjective that primarily refers to something that is anticipated, expected, or likely to happen in the future. It can be understood in various contexts:

Future Possibilities or Opportunities: In the context of opportunities or possibilities, prospective describes something that is likely to occur or become available in the future. This could refer to potential job opportunities, business ventures, investments, or educational pursuits that one is considering or exploring.

Individuals assess prospective opportunities based on factors such as market trends, economic forecasts, personal interests, and career goals, weighing the potential benefits and risks associated with each option.

Future Events or Outcomes: When discussing future events or outcomes, prospective refers to something that is expected or predicted to happen based on current trends, circumstances, or projections. This could include prospective changes in legislation, policy, technology, or social norms.

Forecasters, analysts, and planners use prospective scenarios to anticipate potential developments, challenges, or opportunities, enabling organizations and individuals to prepare for or adapt to future changes.

Looking Forward: In a broader sense, prospective conveys a sense of looking forward or thinking ahead to future possibilities, goals, or aspirations. This could involve personal or professional aspirations, lifestyle choices, or long-term planning for oneself or one’s family.

Individuals engage in prospective thinking to envision their desired future outcomes, set goals, and develop strategies to achieve them, whether in terms of career advancement, financial security, personal fulfillment, or overall well-being.

In summary, “prospective” is an adjective that describes something anticipated, expected, or likely to happen in the future. It encompasses opportunities, possibilities, events, or outcomes that individuals or organizations consider or envision as they plan, prepare, or strategize for the future.

Examples of PROSPECTIVE in a sentence

  • The prospective buyer carefully examined the property before making an offer.
  • She attended a prospective employee orientation at the company.
  • The university hosted a campus tour for prospective students and their families.
  • The company conducted interviews with prospective candidates for the position.
  • They held a meeting with prospective clients to discuss their needs.
  • The real estate agent showcased the prospective tenant the available apartments.
  • The job fair attracted many prospective job seekers looking for employment opportunities.
  • The investment seminar provided valuable information for prospective investors.


The term prospective embarks on a linguistic journey, tracing its origins through centuries of linguistic and cultural development. Rooted in Latin influence, it has evolved into a term that signifies anticipation, future potential, or consideration of what lies ahead.

  • Latin Roots: The word prospective originates from the Latin term “prospectivus,” derived from “prospicere,” meaning “to look forward” or “to look into the distance.” In its earliest usage, it described the act of looking ahead or considering future possibilities.
  • Medieval and Renaissance Development: During the Medieval and Renaissance periods, the term prospective retained its Latin sense of looking forward. It was used in contexts involving foresight, planning, and the contemplation of future events or developments.
  • Transition to Modern English: As the term transitioned into Modern English, prospective expanded its meanings to encompass potential or likely future scenarios. It began to describe things or individuals that are expected or anticipated in the future, such as prospective students, prospective buyers, or prospective outcomes.
  • Contemporary Usage: In contemporary usage, prospective commonly refers to situations, events, or individuals that are expected or anticipated to occur or participate in the future. It is widely used in various fields, including education, business, and planning, to describe potential or likely future developments.

Prospective stands as a term that reflects the human inclination to anticipate and prepare for the future. From its Latin origins to its modern-day applications, the word embodies the concepts of foresight, potential, and anticipation that are essential in both personal planning and broader strategic considerations.


  • Future
  • Likely
  • Expected
  • Anticipated
  • Promising
  • Potential
  • Possible
  • Envisaged


  • Current
  • Present
  • Existing
  • Immediate
  • Ongoing
  • Past
  • Retrogressive
  • Former


  • Aspiring
  • Soon-to-be
  • Upcoming
  • In-the-works
  • To-be
  • In-prospect
  • To-come
  • Forward-looking

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