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Opinion is a noun that refers to a personal belief, judgment, or perspective on a particular matter, often influenced by one’s experiences, values, and attitudes. Here are several key aspects associated with the concept of opinion:

Subjectivity and Personal Perspective: Opinion is inherently subjective, reflecting an individual’s personal viewpoint rather than objective facts or evidence.

Variability and Diversity: Opinions can vary widely among individuals, leading to diversity in thought and perspective within a society or community.

Expression and Communication: People often express their opinions through verbal or written communication, such as conversations, debates, essays, or social media posts.

Influence and Persuasion: Opinions can have a significant influence on attitudes, behaviors, and decision-making, particularly when individuals seek to persuade others or rally support for their viewpoint.

Openness and Debate: A healthy society encourages open dialogue and debate, where diverse opinions are respected, challenged, and refined through constructive discussion.

Opinion embodies the subjective beliefs and perspectives of individuals, shaping attitudes, behaviors, and societal discourse. While opinions are diverse and subjective, they play a crucial role in fostering dialogue, understanding, and the exchange of ideas within a community.

OPINION in a sentence

  • In the opinion of the expert, the new technology had the potential to revolutionize the industry.
  • His strong political opinions often led to spirited debates with friends and colleagues.
  • The survey aimed to gather public opinions on environmental conservation and climate change.
  • Despite differing opinions, the team worked collaboratively to find a compromise on the project.
  • The restaurant received mixed opinions from customers regarding the recent menu changes.
  • The teacher encouraged students to express their opinions in class discussions, fostering critical thinking.
  • Personal opinions should be distinguished from factual information in objective reporting.
  • The court considered expert opinions as part of the evidence in reaching a verdict.

Origin of OPINION

The term opinion traces its roots back to the Latin word opinio, which referred to a belief, judgment, or thought. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Opinio (Latin): Meaning “a belief” or “a judgment.”

Therefore, opinion originally denoted a viewpoint or judgment formed by an individual based on their personal beliefs, perceptions, or assessments. Over time, its usage evolved to encompass a wide range of subjective viewpoints, evaluations, or perspectives on various matters.

In contemporary usage, opinion typically refers to an individual’s subjective viewpoint, judgment, or assessment about something, often influenced by personal beliefs, experiences, or biases. It can encompass diverse perspectives, attitudes, or evaluations on a particular issue, topic, or situation.


  • View
  • Perspective
  • Belief
  • Judgment
  • Viewpoint
  • Attitude
  • Conviction
  • Assessment


  • Fact
  • Truth
  • Certainty
  • Reality
  • Knowledge
  • Objectivity
  • Reality
  • Verity


  • Sentiment
  • Notion
  • Position
  • Stance
  • Standpoint
  • Ideology
  • Sway
  • Outlook

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