Indivisibility is a noun that refers to the quality or state of being unable to be divided, separated, or broken into smaller parts without losing its essential integrity or identity. Here are several key aspects associated with the concept of indivisibility:

Unity and Wholeness: Indivisibility implies a sense of unity and wholeness, suggesting that the entity in question is complete and undividable. It emphasizes the idea that certain things are inseparable and exist as a single, cohesive unit.

Mathematical Concept: In mathematics, indivisibility refers to a property of numbers or quantities that cannot be divided evenly without leaving a remainder. For example, prime numbers exhibit the property of indivisibility because they cannot be divided by any other number except for themselves and one.

Philosophical Implications: The concept of indivisibility has philosophical implications, particularly in discussions about the nature of reality and existence. It raises questions about the fundamental building blocks of the universe and whether there are irreducible elements that cannot be further divided.

Legal and Political Context: In legal and political contexts, indivisibility can refer to the principle that certain rights or properties are inseparable and cannot be divided or partitioned. For example, the concept of indivisible sovereignty asserts that a nation’s sovereignty cannot be divided or shared with other entities.

Unity in Diversity: The notion of indivisibility is sometimes invoked in discussions about unity in diversity, emphasizing the idea that despite differences in culture, ethnicity, or belief, there is an underlying unity that binds humanity together and cannot be divided.=

Indivisibility is a concept that underscores the idea of unity, wholeness, and inseparability. Whether in mathematics, philosophy, law, or social contexts, the concept highlights the notion that certain entities or principles cannot be divided without losing their essential nature or integrity. It prompts reflection on the interconnectedness of things and the fundamental principles that unite diverse elements into cohesive wholes.

INDIVISIBILITY in a sentence

  • The concept of indivisibility suggests that certain entities cannot be divided into smaller parts.
  • The indivisibility of the nation was a central theme in the political speech.
  • The philosopher argued for the indivisibility of human rights, emphasizing their universal nature.
  • In mathematics, the principle of indivisibility is foundational to the study of prime numbers.
  • The treaty emphasized the indivisibility of territorial boundaries as a means of maintaining peace.
  • The lawyer defended the indivisibility of the contract, stating that any attempt to amend it would be invalid.
  • The teacher explained the indivisibility of matter to her students, using examples from chemistry.
  • The scientist’s research focused on the indivisibility of certain particles at the atomic level.


The term indivisibility originates from Latin, where “indivisibilis” combines the prefix “in-” denoting not, with “divisibilis” meaning divisible. This combination underscores the quality of being incapable of being divided.

  • Latin: “indivisibilis” (not divisible), from “in-” (not) + “divisibilis” (divisible).
  • Indivisibility” is derived from the Latin word “indivisibilis,” which combines the prefix “in-” meaning not, with “divisibilis,” meaning divisible. The term emphasizes the quality of being incapable of being divided.

Derived from Latin “indivisibilis,” meaning not divisible, indivisibility describes the quality or state of being incapable of being divided. Its linguistic journey reflects the emphasis on the unified and inseparable nature of the subject.


  • Unity
  • Inseparability
  • Wholeness
  • Solidarity
  • Oneness
  • Completeness
  • Singleness
  • Totality


  • Division
  • Separation
  • Disunity
  • Fragmentation
  • Parting
  • Split
  • Dissociation
  • Segmentation


  • Indivisible
  • Unified
  • Integral
  • Coherence
  • Coalescence
  • Synthesis
  • Total
  • Integrity

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