Definition of APPROACH

APPROACH Noun and Verb

As a noun, approach refers to a method, strategy, or way of dealing with a situation, problem, or task. It encompasses the manner in which someone or something is approached or addressed, including the techniques, principles, or attitudes employed.

APPROACH as a noun

Noun – Method or Strategy: Approach denotes a systematic or structured method or strategy for tackling a particular issue, challenge, or goal. It may involve a sequence of steps, procedures, or principles aimed at achieving desired outcomes or resolving problems effectively.

Noun – Attitude or Perspective: Approach encompasses the attitude, perspective, or mindset adopted when engaging with a situation or undertaking a task. It reflects one’s orientation, disposition, or stance towards the subject matter, influencing the approach’s effectiveness and outcomes.

Noun – Personal or Professional Practice: In personal or professional contexts, individuals may develop their unique approaches tailored to their preferences, skills, and experiences. These personalized approaches reflect individuals’ strengths, values, and priorities, guiding their decision-making and actions in various endeavors.

Noun – Collaborative or Interdisciplinary Approach: In collaborative or interdisciplinary settings, approach refers to the collective strategies, methodologies, or frameworks employed by multiple individuals or disciplines to address complex problems or pursue common objectives. It emphasizes cooperation, synergy, and integration of diverse perspectives and expertise.

APPROACH as a verb

Main Meaning – Verb: As a verb, approach means to come near or closer to someone or something in distance or time. It implies moving towards a particular direction, location, or goal.

Verb – Physical Movement: Approach signifies the act of moving closer to someone or something physically. It may involve walking, driving, or otherwise progressing towards a destination or target.

Verb – Time Progression: In a temporal sense, approach indicates the nearing or impending arrival of a specific time, event, or occurrence. It suggests the passage of time towards a future point or milestone.

Verb – Interaction or Engagement: Approach can also refer to initiating contact, interaction, or engagement with someone or something. It implies reaching out or making an effort to communicate, connect, or address a person or situation.

Verb – Mental or Conceptual Movement: In a figurative sense, approach may denote the act of considering or addressing something from a particular perspective, viewpoint, or methodology. It involves mentally or conceptually moving towards a subject or issue to analyze, understand, or resolve it.

In conclusion, approach serves as both a noun and a verb, encompassing the method, strategy, or way of dealing with a situation, problem, or task, as well as the act of moving nearer to someone or something in distance or time. Whether as a noun guiding decision-making and problem-solving or as a verb indicating physical or temporal movement, the concept of approach underscores the dynamic nature of navigating challenges, opportunities, and relationships in various contexts.

Examples of APPROACH in a sentence

APPROACH as a noun in a sentence

  • An approach refers to a method, strategy, or way of doing something.
  • The scientist’s approach to research involved meticulous experimentation and data analysis.
  • There are various approaches to teaching mathematics, each emphasizing different techniques and philosophies.
  • The company’s marketing approach focused on building relationships with customers rather than aggressive sales tactics.
  • In psychology, cognitive-behavioral therapy is a common approach used to treat mental health disorders.
  • The detective’s approach to solving the case involved gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses.
  • When faced with a problem, it’s important to consider different approaches before deciding on a course of action.
  • The novel takes an innovative approach to storytelling, employing multiple narrative perspectives to convey its themes.

APPROACH in a sentence as a verb

  • She approached the problem with a fresh perspective, seeking innovative solutions.
  • The sales team approached potential clients with confidence and professionalism.
  • He approached the project methodically, breaking it down into manageable tasks.
  • The cat cautiously approached the bird feeder, stalking its prey.
  • The company approached the issue of sustainability by implementing eco-friendly practices.
  • They approached the negotiation with caution, aware of the potential pitfalls.
  • The athlete approached the race with determination and focus, aiming for a personal best.
  • We need to approach the situation delicately, considering everyone’s feelings and perspectives.

Origin of APPROACH

The term “approach” originates from the Middle English word “approchen,” which is derived from the Old French “aprochier,” and earlier from the Latin “appropiare,” composed of “ad-” (toward) and “prope” (near). Here’s the breakdown:

  • Ad- (Latin): Indicates “toward” or “near.”
  • Prope (Latin): Means “near.”
  • Appropiare (Latin): To draw near or approach.
  • Aprochier (Old French): Derived from “appropiare.”
  • Approchen (Middle English): Derived from “aprochier.”

Therefore, “approach” originally meant to draw near or move closer to something or someone. It conveys the idea of coming nearer in space, time, or quality, often with the intention of engaging with or addressing a particular situation or objective. In modern usage, “approach” refers to a method or strategy for dealing with a problem, task, or situation. It can also denote a way of thinking or attitude adopted in addressing various issues or challenges.


  • Method
  • Strategy
  • Technique
  • Tactic
  • Plan
  • Style
  • Way
  • System


  • Avoidance
  • Neglect
  • Disregard
  • Evasion
  • Indifference
  • Disdain
  • Overlook
  • Negligence


  • Process
  • Procedure
  • Implementation
  • Execution
  • Application
  • Maneuver
  • Course
  • Manner

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